Understanding The Background Of Adobe Market Cap 2020

Understanding The Background Of Adobe Market Cap 2020

This year currently, $232.51B for Dec. 3, Adobe Market Cap 2020.

Adobe is giant into the market with largest technology equipment and benefits. Here is the day by day market capital of adobe as below:

Adobe Market Cap 2020 day by day image data
Adobe market cap 2020 chart in Image

Journey of Adobe Market Capital from 2015 to 2020 in dollars

In 2015, December, ADBE market capital was around $44.3B dollars only. But as per the market of technology improvement and global dependency on tech analysis and pdf files, adobe captured the market full handed.

Every browser and tech support is based on PDF and Adobe solution into the desktop/laptop and mobile phone devices around the globe. That’s why, adobe data was getting stronger and users data more enhanced.

Due to this reason, market capital of Adobe was growing and during 2018, capital crossed $88 Billion dollars mark. But the main flow was around 2020 after COVID-19. In this situation e-com and website based dashboards and portal had handled the World by online medium and Adobe played best profits during the season.

NASDAQ Price of Adobe

The performance is improving, that’s why, Adobe share price today is $484.28 (3rd Dec, 2020) with round 1% hike.

Key Values of the stock is as below:

Revenue (TTM)12.44B
Revenue (Quarterly YoY Growth)202%
EPS Diluted (TTM)7.94
Net Income (TTM)3.861B
Gross Profit Margin (Quarterly)86.76%
Profit Margin (Quarterly)29.61%

Abode is preferred stock for buying when the market crashes again. Because there are no single issue in the company and stock. Currently meeting with Salesforce is booting the stock prices.