Awards & Recognition (Acknowledgement) Received by Azad Foundation Their Future Projects

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Azad foundation acknowledged for poor women empowerment NGO in India who creates earning opportunities. It’s an international foundations in India.

Azad Foundation is an award winning, non profit organization that aims to help people in need. They provide humanitarian and development assistance to those who are victims of conflict and natural disasters. The foundation has been recognized by the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts against poverty.

Acknowledged for Future Projects

Azad Foundation is an NGO that provides vocational training to the underprivileged. They have recently been awarded for their trainee becoming the first ever bus driver with Delhi Transport Corporation and also for their new partnership with the Delhi Commission for Women, which employs our drivers to drive to the rescue of victims who call their helpline. We will take a look at how these awards and recognition has affected Azad’s future projects.

About Founder

The organization was founded by Ritu Saini, who has been awarded with Padma Shri for her contribution to social work. Azad Foundation strives hard to empower these communities and provide them equal opportunity in education and employment.

As per Ritu’s words:

It is an honor to receive such recognitions and awards. It’s a testament of the work we do, and what we stand for – empowering women from disadvantaged backgrounds in order to help them take charge of their lives. Our female trainees come from communities where men are often in control and violence against women is commonplace.

We started working with 197 men in these communities towards creating more equal spaces for all genders, which will ultimately lead to a violence-free environment. Azad aims to achieve gender equality by creating more equal spaces for both genders where violence does not exist.

Azad Foundation Annual Report

As per the report, they had reached 97,000 poor women that had got earning opportunities. They work with the goal of ensuring that the transformation they help create extends beyond empowered women and reaches their families, friends, and communities.

Azad Foundation has so far done many types of work for the people, in which they tried to provide employment to many poor women and played a helpful role in connecting them with the mainstream.

This organization finds such women who are deprived of any kind of facilities and tries to get proper work for them according to their previous life. So that the normal journey of that woman’s economic and social life begins.

Many times it also happens that many such women whose husbands die untimely. After that, there is no financial helper of any kind to run the lifeline of his family. Due to which they have to do their disliked tasks such as washing utensils, going from house to house, sweeping and cleaning, taking care of the children of others while their own children are begging on the streets due to poverty.

This type of NGO, which has gained international fame at this time, has taken the lead in helping such people. Due to which the women who are very poor or financially weak give them strength.

The journey of Azad Foundation

When this question was asked to his founder, he said, he started his journey in 2008 and he had first listed his office in Delhi which was known as Kalkaji Office.

Kalkaji’s office address is given below, you can also connect on his contact number:

SOUTH DELHI, R-10, Flat No. 7, Second Floor, Nehru Enclave, Kalkaji
New Delhi, 110019

011-49053796, +91-9599981661

Discussing this further, she says that when she helped about 500 people, she opened a pollution office in Jaipur. Whose address and phone number are given below:

4, Mohan Nagar, Near Ridhi Sidhi Chourahha, Jaipur 302019 , Rajasthan (0141-2704475, +91-9413341845)

After this, when he saw that there are many more places in the society where why should reach, then in 2014 he launched the MEn for Gender Justice program for individuals as well.

After which he took the initiative to serve the particular person as well.

With this, he again went ahead with many more and many of his future programs between 2015 and 2016 and 2017. Now that 2021 is about to pass, then in the coming 2022 too, he is ready with his nothing but worship product.

But when asked about the 2022 project, he said that in the coming time, he will get an acknowledgment of this thing.

Annual report with acknowledgment of project by Azad Foundation in PDF

Azad Foundation made a knowledge in its report and told that till now what they have thought of doing for the coming years till the next coming years and what happened?

He did a detailed report of this by organizing a detailed and a very spectacular event. In this event, dance, music, discussion, prize distribution, incentives, preparations for the coming future, information about funds and many more were exposed.

Download PDF Report to Know About Acknowledgment Report!