5 Steps to Esic E Pehchan Dard Download Pdf Format (2021)

Esic e pehchan card is a health insurance card that can be used to avail the benefits of esic in multiple hospitals. It has been launched on October 1, 2017 by the Government of India with an aim to provide free healthcare facilities for workers in the unorganized sector.

This blog post provides all necessary information about how to download esic e pehchan card pdf and instructions on how this card can be used for availing various services at different hospitals.

Step by step ways to follow to download e-Pehchan card
Step by step ways to follow to download e-Pehchan card

Steps to follow to download e-Pehchan card

Download ESIC e-Pehchan Identity Card

  1. login to employer ESIC portal

    With this ESIC portal, you can log in and access your account with ease. It doesn't matter if you are a current employee or not; all that matters is that you have an email address for either of these two options:
    1) Your work e-mail address OR
    2) Your personal email address (only if you are not currently employed)

  2. Click on e-Pehchan card section

    At ESIC, there are e-pehchan section. Click on it.

  3. Enter your ID number

    Input your office ip number and hit enter button.

  4. View counter foil

    click on the button of view the counter foil. Now you are able to download your e-pehchan card.

  5. Download your e-card in PDF

    Now, the option for esic e pehchan card download pdf is active. Click and save the pdf file at your storage. It can be your smartphone, drive or device storage to access at the time of use.

Required to updated your family details ?

ESIC cards are a national identity card issued to people who work in the formal sector. The card is used as an identification document and for various other purposes, such as getting access to welfare services.

It contains information about the person’s name, address, date of birth, gender, occupation details etc. But since they are not always updated with latest family-related changes like divorce or remarriage.

It can be tough to get your ESIC card renewed without paying hefty penalties. So how do you update family details in ESIC Card? Well there are two ways: either apply for a new one by filling up Form 4A online or go to any nearby office where this form is available offline. You can follow the above steps to download online too.

The way to edit your e-pehchan card online

How long does it take to make an E Pehchan card? Well, first you need to submit your application and wait for it to be approved. Once the application is approved, you’ll receive a letter with your PIN number that will allow you access into the system.

Then, all you have left is waiting for your card in the mail! The process of getting an E Pehchan card can seem daunting at times.

These can be edited by the employer to ensure that they are correct in every way possible with just a few clicks! When you need more space than what’s available on your original form there will also come times where it might make sense for an employee themselves edit their own information instead

After all this should only happen when applicable because taking ownership over personal data includes full rights as well- knowing how secure those changes were made through means contacting us if anything ever went wrong.

What is the ESIC Pehchan Card validity?

It can be difficult to remember when your ESIC card expires and it’s always a hassle to renew. We’re here for you with this simple guide on how long the validity of an ESIC Pehchan Card is, so that you don’t ever have to worry about forgetting!

The ESIC card is issued by the EmployeesState Insurance Corporation (ESI) in India and has many benefits like:

  • Paying sickness allowance during medical treatment
  • Making all hospitalization expenses free up until Rs.2 lakhs
  • Providing cashless treatment for 7 days after childbirth or 10 days if cesarean
  • And much more!

The only downside is that the ESI Pehchan Card validity lasts one year from date. Check and note it down for your reference.