Thought Process of Peter Avsenew Psychology To Gay Couple

Peter avsenew psychology have a difference chronometer about the murder of gay couple. As per him, Gay couple is not the first one and three will not be the least. 

Kevin Powell, 52, and Stephen Adams, 47,  brutally killed by Peter. he told that after a long time that’s why he was not able to handle the panic in the situation of that gay couple doing at their home in night.

He was able to hear the sound of a couple kissing and an awkward situation according to him. That’s why in 2010,  we decided to step out here and kill a couple. 

Thought Process of Peter Avsenew Psychology To Gay Couple
Thought Process of Peter Avsenew Psychology To Gay Couple

Where was he living?

He was living in South Florida. In near by South Florida real estate apartment sold out to a gay couple.

Initially introduced themselves as Brothers.  but after some time he was able to understand that actually they were a couple. 

He admitted that he brutally murdered after the seven lines which one he’s waiting every day at night and he was annoying each and every thing and every time all the signs and all kind of activities which one they don’t like it.

In his final words he calls it a crime which they are doing everyday with him.  we stopped them there was only one week which one they had taken the step.

Avsenew, shot out both of them by a gunshot Powell and Adams on Dec. 23, 2010. I spared his own defense. He told me that to maintain his mental strength, to avoid physical conditions,  the physical relationship they were trying to connect with him.  This was the only thing that we did at all.