Powerful mantra for family & friends to convince them of your marriage proposal?

Are you looking for a mantra to help your love marriage? Start with powerful mantra for love marriage with family and friends to convince them.

Mantras are powerful words that can be used in many different ways. They can be chanted, written on paper and even said out loud. The power of the word is what makes it so effective. And this mantra is no exception! It’s been proven to work with over 90% success rate!

This mantra will help you find true love by opening up your heart and mind to new possibilities.

How to convince parents for love marriage by mantra?

A lot of people don’t know how to talk about their love life in a way that doesn’t make it sound like they are bragging. And when it comes to proposing, some people have families who have been waiting for the day they get engaged.

But others may not be sure what to say if their parents were never married. And then there is always the fear that someone might disagree with you on religious grounds, or point out an issue with age differences between partners.

So how can you break through these barriers and have a successful conversation?

Here are five tips:

  • Be honest with yourself and answer if you think a cultural difference or age gap is a deal breaker. If it is, don’t do the initiation because otherwise, you would be misleading someone regarding your true intentions.
  • Know everything about partner parents and get along with them well. You have to be friends with their children even before marriage, so that they accept their new family members easily after marriage.
  • Try to get engaged from birth of relationship by giving time and space in your life for love, attention and affection. Don’t neglect your partner at any cost or play with his/her emotions. This will prove very beneficial toward acceptance of love marriage by parents’ family.
  • Make sure that your partner is mature enough to handle love and married life. Do not just marry him/her because of sexual needs or pressure from parents for marriage.
  • Think hard about what you can do or say to convince others for love marriage. Prepare yourself mentally and develop a strategy over time so that it does not seem like an offhanded suggestion when you finally bring up the subject with your parents’ family.

With these tips in mind, you will soon find out how easy it can be to talk to adults about love marriage.

Understand the situation before explore & pitch the point or view of your wedding arrangements

Parents are often the biggest hurdle in a love marriage.

We all know that parents can be difficult to convince, but we also know that they want what’s best for their children. That’s why we created this mantra and meditation CD set to help you talk with your parents about love marriage.

This powerful mantra will guide you through a guided meditation session where you’ll learn how to speak with your parents about love marriage without feeling anxious or guilty. The mantras on this CD have been proven effective by thousands of people just like you who have successfully convinced their parents for love marriages!

Image of Puja to convince parents for true love marriage

Puja to convince parents for love marriage

Love marriage is not a social stigma in India. It’s becoming more and more popular nowadays.

So what are the challenges of love marriages in Indian society? One of the most difficult ones is convincing parents for love marriage. There are many mantras to convince parents but there are also some tips which you can follow when talking with your parents about your decision to marry someone they don’t approve off, so that you have a better chance of success! If that doesn’t work try mantras!

Mantra 1:

Although many people will say it is not necessary to use mantras or prayers etc. I think these can work very well when trying to change behavior or even luck! Here’s a mantra which should make the process of convincing much easier:


This mantra means that ‘I honour the supreme knowledge which is my spiritual master’.

Mantra 2:

The following mantra is meant for when you are trying to convince your partner’s parents for marriage, but I think it can work in exactly the same way when convincing your own parent too!

‘Jaya Guru Deva Jaya Syama Shivaya Namah. O God Shiva, please remove all obstacles that stand in the path of my wishes being fulfilled and bring good luck throughout my life, including in gaining support from others for my requests!’

This mantra means ‘Victory to the supreme Lord Shiva who is also known as Hari or Gauriya’

Mantra 3 :

This next mantra is called ‘Guru Mantra’. It is a mantra which is highly effective when you want to get rid of bad luck and problems that come from spirits or ghosts!


This mantra means ‘Hail God Shiva who is also known as Sri Rag, Sri Ram and Hari Guru. I am also Shiva, I am Shiva too!’

Through repetition of mantras life can become easier and maybe even love marriages will become the social norm in India!


Love is the most powerful force in the world. It can conquer anything and anyone, even when it’s not returned or reciprocated. But to ensure you have a happy marriage, there are some mantras that may help provide guidance for your journey towards marital bliss.

These include: don’t be too clingy- instead of always being needy and wanting attention all the time, try to give your partner space; keep things light.

It’s important to remember that life has its ups and downs so avoid taking everything too seriously; listen more than talk- if you’re constantly talking about how right you are while he just listens without any input or response then this will lead to resentment on both sides which could eventually ruin your relationship; love unconditionally- no one is perfect just as no one is perfect.

You have to accept your partner with all their flaws because if you can’t then that’s a sure fire sign that it just won’t work out, and lastly, learn to communicate- don’t be afraid of expressing how you really feel and always tell him the truth even though he might not like it.

If these mantras prove too difficult for you to follow through on or you find yourself unable to make your relationship work, perhaps cutting off all ties from your loved one may be the only answer. This will help avoid any future heartbreak which could potentially damage your mental health further down the line.