Buy Candere By Kalyan Jewellers Yellow Gold Irene Ring 22k in India 2020

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We are bringing a little glow in your every life celebration. Buy now, Hot-selling product of Candere By Kalyan Jewellers, Yellow Gold Irene Ring at 22k in India 2020.

  • Amazing Craftsmanship & Engineering Example
  • Yellow Gold Irene Ring set is in 22k gold
  • Verified by BIS hallmark
  • It is an inscription made on the product
  • Best for daily wear or gifting purposes for your loving families and friends
  • Business wear with formal style apparels
  • Traditional look with leaf design touch
  • Environment message with the design
  • A touch of specialized Gold and Diamond workers of Kalyan Jewellers  

Make your life golden every day. See this ring in your hand and be more closer with your love. Buy Candere By Kalyan Jewellers Yellow Gold Irene Ring 22k in India 2020.

Gold and precious stone gems from Candere By Kalyan Jewelers are bringing a little glow in your every life celebration.

Features of Yellow Gold Irene Ring

  • The BIS hallmarked for gold, ensured for jewels and have a multi day merchandise exchange
  • The item is set in 22k gold, confirmed by BIS trademark
  • BIS trademark is anything but a different declaration, it is an engraving made on the item
  • A precious gift for love (girlfriend/mother/sister/her)

Why it’s special?

We are taking time to make your custom design request and creating a special ring for you. This item is specially made gems and it typically requires 11-12 functions days to prepare to deliver.

  • The weight referenced are assessed weight and the last weight may change and a differential sum would be relevant as needs be
  • The pictures showed are zoom-in pictures (10x-zoom), the item will be of standard size
  • Generously observe the scale pictures (assuming any) gave before acquiring to get a thought of the real item size
  • The thing will be conveyed to you in a carefully designed bundle
  • Kindly investigate the bundle for any altering before tolerating the conveyance

The Candere Promise

We at Candere have an adaptable inventory as a result of our clients, their decent variety in societies, their craving for customization and their trust in us. We expect to develop it further, much the same as our image adoring clients.

Structure Philosophy

Our originators accept that “You Deserve what you Desire” for example each lady must locate her most famous piece, her most valuable recollections, her consistently shimmer and the freedom to shop to her souls content.

Craftsmanship and Engineering

We fare thee well and accuracy alongside quality check guarantee that you get the specific thing you imagined. Fragile plans that fit your spending limit yet keep up the balance and excitement of precious stone gems.

History of Candere

Candere was established in 2012 by Ashish Bajaj and Rupesh Jain as an Indian online entryway for adornments and gold coins. Candere is a Latin word which intends to gleam or sparkle.

Rupesh Jain, brought up in a group of retail gem specialists; is an IT engineer from Mumbai. He filled in as Company President at Ornet Technology. His interest in coordinating retail gems with innovation provoked his curiosity in making this online entrance which prompted his cooperation with Ashish Bajaj.

Funding History

An underlying venture of 2.5 crore was made by Singularity Strategic, a Hyderabad based organization, possessed by Brijesh Chandwani and Subram Kapoor, which later rose to an aggregate of 4.2 crores.

Mergers and acquisitions

In 2017 Kalyan Jewelers, an Indian gems store chain claimed by the Kalyan Group put resources into Candere shaping an association between both. Kalyan Group bought the stakes and the value held by Singularity Strategic in Candere and some part held by its author, for a total of 40 crores.

How many products they sold till now?

More than 1,50,000+ products sold out till now by the company around the world online. Online digital marketing is the key strength of the company that are making this one special and leading brand in India.

Is Candere is certifiable?

Candere is certifiable and got it quick conveyed before the normal date. Quality is acceptable. Bundling was acceptable. Gotten it with a testament of genuineness and a bill of procurement. Order now and buy a precious gift of your life!!


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