How To Get Your Kids Comfortable With Risky Play

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Types of Risky Play

Grounded in the broad examination for kids improvement specialists partition dangerous play into eight distinct classifications.

#1. Play With Height

Playground gear, for example, playground equipment, jumping places, rock climbing rec centers, leaping off a plunging board, rope climbing.

#2. Tools

Cutting with scissors, utilizing a drill, beating nails, sewing with a needle, utilizing electric cooking machines.

Play With Elements:
Playing close to a waterway, cooking, snow or on ice.

- Epicurus

#3. Rough Play

Wrestling, playfighting, gently running a bike into a wall, smashing objects

#4. Impact

Cannonball bouncing into water or leaping off a play structure

Choose the Right Type of Risky Play and be safe while fun activity

Listen to Your Kids When They’re Scared

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