Reasons of Teachers Deserve to Be Paid More

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Higher Salaries

And I’m not talking about their students. I’m talking about politicians

You all deserve to be paid more

Teachers job is vital, immense and crucial

What You Deserve, Teacher

Almost inconceivable how much that you do for your students, your students’ families, your coworkers, your administration, your family, your friends

there is not much that you get in return

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, Teacher

I thank you as a fellow teacher who you serve as an example for.  I thank you as a parent who has teachers that are like you and are influenced by you.

Making a difference and changing lives

You are an amazingly awesome teacher!  Thank you for teaching on even though you do not get everything you deserve!

Teachers are Underpaid by 38 Percent

Have a 7 Percent Gender Wage Gap

Average Teacher Salary by State

Average Teacher Salary by School Type