Where Is Peter Avsenew Now?

Peter Avsenew, the accused in the murders of two men in Wilton Manors last year, is on trial again. This time, he’s facing charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder. The trial is scheduled to resume on September 8th.

The trial is taking place in connection with the death of Emmett O’Leary and John Cullum. O’Leary was shot and killed outside of his home in Wilton Manors while Cullum was shot and killed inside his home. The case has reignited a debate over gun control laws in Florida after an attack at a shopping mall in January that left four people dead.

Is it he live or not?

Is Peter Avsenew Still Alive? (Reasons) (Facts, Case Update)
Is Peter Avsenew Still Alive? (Reasons) (Facts, Case Update)

Yes, He is live and living his live in the jail of Florida.

Since 2011, Larence Woodard has been on death row at Union Correctional Institution in Raiford, Florida. The 51-year-old inmate is currently facing execution after being convicted of aggravated murder and obstruction of justice. He has made several filings with the United States Supreme Court in an attempt to block his execution, but his case is still pending.