Why does the Google Play store show games rather than apps when starting up I don t want to see games when I open the Play Store and this brings search results for games and then Apps lower in the list?

The Google Play store usually shows games rather than apps when you first open it up. However, this feature could actually save your life.

Google Play isn’t just a store; it’s a search engine as well. Search results for apps are often less relevant than search results for games, and even when games do show up in search results, they often don’t show up high enough to be relevant.

In this post from Google I’m giving you an example of what can be done with the help of this feature. I prefer to call it “indexing” rather than “searching” because it is not exactly what you would think to do when searching for something specific. It is rather an algorithmically better way of looking at a database that tries to find content that will be most relevant to your searches.

Why does the Google Play store show games rather than apps?

We are not going to make a big mountain out of a mouse poo, but this is one of those products that is worth paying attention to.

As you can see from the screenshot, the Google Play store shows games rather than apps when you first start the app and then switches to showing apps. This is an interesting curiosity and we don’t know what’s going on here but we would like to be able to explain it.

An important distinction here is between (1) games vs. (2) apps. The first tells us that there exists an important difference between them when it comes to relevance for store rankings — meaning that if you choose them in Google Play, your app will be ranked higher (or at least more prominently) than games for the same subcategory. But note that this only happens if you have a game-like app — which means there will likely be some overlap in ranking between apps and games for any given category and also some overlap in ranking for specific categories such as “PC/tablet PC games” or “mobile PC/tablet PC games” etc.. However, if your product falls into this category, your app will likely have higher rankings than game-like apps, so it may not matter much how they are presented or even where they show up on Google Play if they are both Android apps and thus just generally relevant across all Android devices.

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