“A Sonic Settlement: $6 Billion Triumph in the 3M Earplug Lawsuit”

Resolving the 3M Earplug Lawsuit: A $6 Billion Settlement and Key Milestones

In a significant development, the 3M earplug lawsuit, involving Combat Arms Earplugs (CAEP), has reached a historic settlement of $6 billion. This settlement aims to compensate eligible veterans and service members who suffered hearing loss and tinnitus due to the use of 3M CAEP. The resolution involves a structured payout plan over several years, marking a pivotal moment in the legal aftermath of this case.

Key Milestones

August 2023: $6 Billion Settlement Agreement

The resolution commenced in August 2023, with all involved parties reaching a settlement agreement totaling $6 billion. This substantial sum underscores the gravity of the issues surrounding the alleged defects in the 3M Combat Arms Earplugs.

September 2023: Case Management Conference

A case management conference held in September 2023 focused on refining the registration and claim filing process. This step aimed to streamline proceedings and ensure an efficient mechanism for affected individuals to seek their rightful compensation.

January 15, 2024: 100% Participation Achieved

A major breakthrough occurred on January 15, 2024, as 100% participation was achieved from all remaining “wave” plaintiffs. This achievement triggered an accelerated payment, with $253.1 million distributed to over 30,000 claimants as part of the initial wave.

Next Steps

Claimant Registration and Documentation

To be eligible for settlements, claimants must register and submit necessary documentation through the official settlement website: 3m-earplugsettlement.com. This step is crucial for individuals seeking compensation for hearing-related damages resulting from the use of 3M Combat Arms Earplugs.

Ongoing Claim Filing Process

The claim filing process is ongoing, with further payments expected over the next several years. Claimants are encouraged to stay informed about claim deadlines and other relevant details on the official settlement website.

Important Information for Claimants

Claimants MUST keep their contact information, including an email address, current with the law firm representing them in their 3M CAE claim.


The $6 billion settlement and key milestones in the 3M earplug lawsuit represent a significant stride toward providing justice and compensation for affected veterans and service members. The structured payout plan, achieved 100% participation, and ongoing claim filing process underscore the commitment to addressing the repercussions of the alleged defects in 3M Combat Arms Earplugs.