Arvind ltd share price – They are expanding into new markets, which will help them grow their revenue

Arvind Ltd is India’s largest branded apparel company with a turnover of over Rs. 14300 crores in the financial year 2015-2016 (Source: Annual Report). Arvind sells denim, shirting, bottom weight fabrics, knits and cotton terry towels. The company has the capability to produce more than 1 million meters of cloth per day.

About it

Arvind Limited is a textile manufacturer and the flagship company of the Lalbhai Group. Its headquarters are in Naroda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, and it has units at Santej. The company manufactures cotton shirting, denim, knits and bottom weight fabrics.

The Lalbhai Group was founded by Navalalji Mavji & Sons Ltd which was started as a small shop selling cloth to traveling merchants in Amreli in 1922 by his father Navalal. It then became known as Lala Arvind Mills in 1943 under which name it grew to become one of India’s biggest textiles manufacturers with 5 divisions.

Basic Information

Arvind is a vertically integrated textile company with the vintage of almost eight decades in this industry. The world’s largest denim manufacturer also produces range of cotton shirting, denim knits, bottom weights fabrics, and jeans and shirts garments for both men and women. Arvind has more than 40 exclusive brand outlets across India under various brands names like Flying Machine , Arrow , US POLO ASSN , Tommy Hilfiger , Calvin Klein , Van Heusen , Tasso Elba etc. Arvind stores are present in around 550 plus cities around India having retail area of over 2 lac square feet .

The company has a long history of success

The stock is currently trading at an 11.4% discount to its 52-week high level, and the 52-week high and low range is Rs 116 – Rs 32.2. The revenue and net profit has been growing for last many years and we expect that the same will continue in future too due to continuous expansion in the product portfolio and geographical coverage .

Arvind is a share of choice in the long run given its business model, vertical integration, strong management team and competitive edge . It’s a great time to accumulate this stock on dips with a long term perspective.

What market says about Arvind Ltd share price?

The stock market delivered a negative surprise to the Arvind Ltd. (ARVIND) management on April 5th, 2012 with its share price dropping below Rs 100 level for the first time in the last FIVE years.

The stock price has gained more than 20% since January-2011 and is currently trading at Rs 104 . However, most analysts feel that it may not be able to maintain this momentum for long; given its current valuations.

Analysts are of the view that it will be difficult for ARVIND to deliver 30% growth in net profit per share over 2010-11 levels in 2011-12. They further believe that even if it manages to achieve this target, there is no guarantee.


Arvind Ltd. (ARVIND) is a smallcap textile stock that is currently in production and not yet listed on the Indian bourses. The company’s readiness for the Indian markets may be assessed by its status on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Arvind has been around since 1978, with an IPO in 2003 which was very successful. I believe that it is best to buy this stock while it is still private, because once it becomes public it will likely become heavily manipulated by India’s large investors, who are notorious for their market manipulation schemes.

Is Arvind Ltd a good buy?

The question of whether or not Is Arvind Ltd is a good buy can be answered by looking at the company’s growth, diversification and valuation.

Is Arvind Ltd doing well?

It depends on who you ask. Some say that it has been in decline for years while others argue that it’s just going through a rough patch due to external factors like demonetization and Brexit.

Is Is Arvind Ltd worth your money?

We’ll take a look at some major points about this company including its growth, diversification, and valuation so you know what you’re getting into if you decide to invest.

Final Verdict

Arvind Ltd is a company that manufactures and exports high-quality garments to customers worldwide

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