4 Best job portals in India for fresh graduates

Every student wants to know about the best job portals in India for fresh graduates. By using this article get help students to find the right portal for them.

These are 4 of the best job portals in India for fresh graduates: Naukri, Indeed, Glass Door and LinkedIn. These sites have a lot of benefits including helping you research companies before applying.

Giving you an idea on how much salary range compensation packages can be around your area or field of expertise, and they also give you access to company profiles with details on their employees which makes it easier when it comes to looking at different opportunities within that same organization.

Each site has its own advantages but each one is trying to do the same thing – help people get jobs! Find out more.

We all know, Finding a job is hard.

It’s not just about finding the right company, it’s also about finding the right position for you. You need to know what you’re looking for and where to find it.

These job portals also give access to company profiles with details on their employees which makes it easier when it comes to looking at different opportunities within that same organization. Each site has its own advantages but each one is trying to do.

We all know, Finding a job is hard.
We all know, Finding a job is hard.

Here is the list of good employment dashboards as per the job search engine comparison for job listing and findings:


Naukri.com is a job portal for fresh graduates, and it allows applicants to apply to multiple jobs with a single click as an unregistered jobseeker who needs to fill out a form every time they apply for a job. You have the benefit of accessing unadvertised jobs through this site as well as getting best jobs delivered directly to your inbox so you don’t miss out on what’s available.

Standard benefits:

  • Get a job with the click of a button.
  • Find jobs that fit your skills and interests.

Emotional benefits:

  • Feel more confident when you’re looking for work.
  • Know where to find new opportunities in your field


Indeed.com is a website which connects employers with prospective employees.

It has been ranked as the #1 job site by Forbes, and also rated as the top employer review site by Glassdoor. This online recruiting resource features a database of more than 1 billion jobs from thousands of employer partners around the world, making it an ideal place to find your next opportunity. It’s free to post a resume or search for jobs on Indeed, so be sure to check out what they have available today!

Search for jobs on Indeed!

Log in, search for new opportunities and get job alerts every day.

Set up daily or weekly email alerts notifying you of new available positions based on your skills and location preferences. You can also save a list of favorites to find them again quickly at any time.


LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. It allows users to create profiles and make connections with other people in their field of interest, or who can help them advance in their profession.

Users can share updates on the newsfeed, blog posts, videos and more. They can also follow companies they’re interested in as well as like and comment on content within the LinkedIn network.

Linkedin.com is an excellent tool that has been proven to increase personal branding and professional success by connecting you with new opportunities that you wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. Whether your goal is finding a job or gaining greater visibility at work, Linkedin will provide you with new ways of making those goals happen!

Standard benefits:

  • Build your personal brand
  • Connect with people in your industry.

Emotional benefits:

  • Be more successful at work.

Glass Door

Glassdoor is a website that allows current and prospective employees to anonymously review their employers. The site also provides information on salaries of positions in the job seeker’s location, level of employee satisfaction with employer, corporate relationship/structure between employees and management.

Glassdoor has been praised for its ability to empower workers by giving them a voice to speak out about any injustices they may face at work. However, GlassDoor can be seen as biased or one-sided.

Because it only features reviews from those who have worked at the company being reviewed. Additionally, there are some concerns among reviewers that they could be retaliated against if they post negative feedback about their employer on the site. These concerns are not unfounded either; many companies have fired or demoted workers who post negative feedback about their employers on Glassdoor (and understandably so).

The website has also come under fire for accusations of tampering with reviews and ratings. Employers have said that they were contacted.

Standard benefits:

  • Get a better understanding of what the role entails
  • Find out about the company culture and how it impacts your work life.

Emotional benefits:

  • Learn more about job opportunities before you apply, so you can make an informed decision
  • Find out which companies are best for you to work at based on what matters most to you.


It is difficult to find a high-paying job especially in the current economy. There are, however, some great job portals that can help you quickly and efficiently find employment opportunities for fresh graduates like yourself.

These include Naukri.com (jobs), Monster India (jobs) , LinkedIn Jobs (Jobs & recruiting), Indeed Job Search Engine (job search). It may take time to apply to these jobs but they will be worth it if you want an opportunity at finding work!

  • Get connected to job openings in your city/area
  • Save time by enabling AI to find jobs for you
  • Be more informed about the companies you work at before committing