The 21 Greatest Selling Products You Can Make Work on Your Blog

Why You Should Sell Your Products on Your Blog

These are the Top 21 Blogging Products That Every Small Business Should Use For SEO, Promotion, and Branding.

Before I get into any of these products, let me just say that I don’t believe in “best practices” or “style guides”. It is a free country, so you can do what you want. Most of the time, it is a matter of learning the right things to do in order to make your blog do well.

I have found that if you make the effort to learn about each product and figure out what works for your audience (as well as your readers), then it works every time. The key thing is not just to go through the list and see what works best for you (which is hard to know), but also to figure out why some things work better than others.

The reason why some work better than others is because they have a very specific niche that makes them work well; this means they are good for your niche and will do well in that niche; therefore, they should be good for your blog too – but be careful with this one:

The more specific a product becomes (and the more focused it becomes on one area) the easier it tends to become over-saturated – which means people will start ignoring it. This is not necessarily a bad thing; simply being too specific does not mean that there aren’t other products in this niche that people will want as much as yours (for example).

And even if there aren’t any other products like yours, you may find some already existent ones that are better suited for your audience than yours are at their current stage of development (that may sound counterintuitive, but hear me out). To help you decide which products might be right for you and your audience:

Compare them by feature set

Which features are most important? Which areas need attention? Which categories should be addressed? Which pointers would help you on this path? How much time will it take before/after implementing this feature? How much money would be involved? How long would it take before/after implementation? Did anyone else experience problems with this feature or category version? What did everyone else think about this feature or category version etc.? What was best about this version etc.?

Compare them by functionality

Which features make sense for small businesses (or large)? What limits are there at their current state from a functionality point of view compared to your idea? How much does it really cost to implement each of these features successfully? Was it worth your time and effort to implement this feature or product version? What changes were needed after implementation? What was best about this version etc.?

Compare them by pricing

Which price point would be a good one for you to negotiate or set yourself? How much money would be involved in the implementation? What is the maximum budget that you could afford to invest (with each of these features/products)? What will be the outcome of the idea in the long-term?

Compare them by competition

What else do you see in another niche that is similar to yours? What niche for example? How many competitors or potential competitors have you determined beyond your niche? What do most of these products or features offer that yours doesn’t offer (here is always a difference)? Were you successful in other niches?

I hope you found this list helpful! Let me know if you have any questions (or if you have something specific to add) in the comment section before or after reading this.

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