9 Hindu Marriage Marriage Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas

When it comes to Indian marriages, it is not what you wear that matters, so much as who you are married to. This is one of the reasons why the traditional marriage ceremony is slowly being replaced by more modern and creative ways of communicating the beauty and importance of the occasion.

It has always been the tradition of Hindu weddings to have their marriage ceremony and decoration to be as colorful and spectacular as possible. For centuries now, Hindu weddings have used brilliant shades of green and reds as color themes.

From intricate designs to elaborate sculptures and large amount of decoration, variety is the name of the game to add appeal to the event. Hindu wedding stage images shows how beautifully these arrangements are made and also how breathtaking the entire stage turns out to be.

There are several Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas as following:

Spiritual wedding stage decorations
Spiritual wedding stage decorations

Spiritual wedding stage decorations

Spiritual wedding stage decorations have the power to create a more welcoming environment and a calm vibe that can complement the wedding. The decorations act as a medium to connect the couple with their religion and spirituality. The Hindu wedding stage decoration is one of the accessories that can serve as a reminder of the couple’s spiritual identity.

Hindu marriage ceremony is a complex affair, with rituals that are specific to the individual couple, and a vast array of functions and customs that belong to all Hindu community. The Hindu marriage ceremony is known for its colorful, diverse, and exuberant ceremonies. It is a family affair, and the couple’s families celebrate with family members.

By using SUN FLOWERS on the state decorations:

You are sure to make the decorations pretty, and very artistic. You can place the sunflowers at the top of the decorations. you may also use them at the side of the decorations. You can also place the sun flowers on the center of the decorations.

Modern wedding stage decorations
Image of modern stage

Modern wedding stage decorations

Modern marriage stage decorations are the result of a combination of many cultural influences. From the wonderful Hindu wedding stage images.

New look and style of today’s marriage stages are creating by different type of flowers and decorative items. It is a very good idea to give a new look to the marriage stage with the combination of different flowers, decorative items and lights.

Into the market there different shades of jhoomer and hangging pots of different varieties are available. All these are decorated with colorful flower garlands. These pots are placed in the corner of the stage , while the jhoomer hangs from the ceiling. The flowers used in the decoration would be the flowers that are related to the event.

There are different shapes and sizes as per the wedding couple and family requested as per their choice. The stage decorations can also be different for different occasions. Sometimes the decorations are made for the stage only for a few hours and in some other cases , these are made for the stage for the couple of days. The colors are also different.

In some, the colours are really bright and in some other cases the colours are natural. The stage also includes lights, sound system and also a DJ. Along with the unique rituals, Hindu marriage ceremony also has an array of decorative elements which are so elaborate and elegant.

Reception centeres

Numbers of reception centeres on the parents of the groom, it is also common for the bride to not have any family member on stage with her. The rituals of hindu weddings were adopted by indian muslims, christians and sikhs in india during the 19th century.

Due to this method and values there are several common data and center points that are fullfilled by the team and professionals that are managing the all the responsiblity of the marriage ceremony.

Moood Of The Party
Moood Of The Party

Mood Of The Party

Theme of the decoration is very important as it sets the right mood for the ceremony. The decorations enhance the beauty of the venue and sets the right ambiance for the wedding. Nowdays, everyone is trying to create a memorable occassion as wedding ceremany is a very special occasion in the life of a person. Hence it is important to go for something to make the ceremony a memorable one.

So, they are planning with wedding planner team for theme of the wedding and the wedding stage decoration. So many top designers created beautiful and unique designs on the stage in the wedding ceremony. Most of these designers are famous and they are working in different parts of the country.

It can be different as per location, tradition or out of the box . But some traditional looks of the Hindu weddings in India can be as below:

Joker Wedding Theme:

Joker Theme was suggested by wedding planner for a Circus owner marriage event. The wedding planner suggested this theme for the first marriage of the owner of well known Circus in the city.

Every point like food, style and feel of the flowers and tents are similar as circus texture present in the Hindu wedding. However, there were several animal and their shows was their for marriage format .

Wedding table centrepieces

Serveral table centrepieces are one of the most important aspects of a wedding, be sure to keep the following guidelines in mind when placing flowers for your wedding centerpiece. Every table was different from others and the wedding stage looked fantastic. Flowers, food, style was different from others .

Shade of every tent size and color can be customized according to the needs of the client. The front of the tent is typically decorated with the silhouettes of a Hindu wedding stage image named mangal-sutra, lotus and pearls.

The mandap arch is also decorated with colorful hanging beads and rangoli. The bride and groom’s seating area is decorated with flower garlands, silk fabric and a special frame known as a thali, which is made out of wood and painted gold.

On the thali, a detailed drawing of the wedding mandap is made with flower petals.

Contemporary Indian wedding stage decoration ideas

Contemporary ideas can be found in a wide range of choices. These ideas might be in form of accessories, decorations, props, lights and a lot more. The number of ideas can be unlimited while planning to make such a stage.

Hence, it can be said that the wedding stage based on Hinduism is really really a beautiful and a wonderful concept to have. Nothing symbolizes this more than the decorations that are used at the wedding venue.

The variety is the name of the game to add appeal to the event. An artful blend of the interesting and the exotic can imbue the ceremony with color and class. The wedding ceremony is the purest form of entertainment and is supposed to be a grand affair.

You can either go for the traditional or creative routes. The choice is completely yours. Composition of the orchestra matters a lot. The orchestra is the most important part of any wedding. It has to be perfect as it is the heart of the wedding ceremony. Everything revolves around the orchestra in the Hindu Marriage Marriage Wedding Stage Decoration.