Land rates of J&K (Jammu & Kashmir) 2019 – Residential Prices

Land rates of J&K after 2019 govt removed article 370 and 35.

Now, there are two different Union Territories formed. That’s why land prices in Jammu is taking skyrocket shape. The land prices of Jammu and Kashmir are available for every common Indian.

Modi govt has taken the brave step and removed the article 370 and 35. Here is the gazette of India article 370. Please get the download link here.

gazette of India article 370
Gazette of India article 370

Current 2019, Home minister have given the brief about revoke of Article 370 and 35 in parliament on 5th August 2019.

How will Article will affect the Indian constitution?

Every year more than 1 lakh army soldiers are active on J&K area. If everything is going smooth then there are multiple benefits as given below:

  • Military activity can be less
  • Less spend on military management
  • Military can be utilized for other resources and useful values of India
  • Less demand of supply for army camps
  • Secure protocol to follow by civilians
  • India will save a thousand of crores only for deployment of J&K civilians
  • Easy for Jammu and Kashmir citizens
  • J&K will be easy to connect with other India to grow
  • Removal of Terror facilities
  • Growth and progress with employment

These all will boost the cost of land rates of J&K.