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What is Texta AI Tool?

Texta is a product that will revolutionize the world of online marketplaces and content writing. The platform will help you to create, edit and publish content with AI powered copywriting tool.

The team behind Texta has a great track record of delivering high quality products to their customers. The company was founded in 2015 by a group of experts in online marketing who are also experienced in creating content for various digital platforms.
Features of Texta AI.

Texta AI – Automated Content Writing Tool

Get Quality Professional Content in Seconds

We have a lifetime deal with Texta. This means that, for as long as we use their product, we are essentially getting a free product. So, if you give them money or buy their product directly from the company, you are effectively getting it for free.

And if you are an independent developer or small business owner (or even a college student), this is where your money goes: to the company that made and delivered your software to you (if your software is based on Texta’s platform). This isn’t what most companies typically do — they sell software that makes money for them.

The reason why this doesn’t work as well for startups is because we don’t want to be seen as selling premium products to customers who pay extra for them; and we want the people who use our software to be able to get it at a lower price.

So when you read that someone has bought Texta’s lifetime deal, they are basically paying the company nothing but they are also getting something in return: access to the very best copywriting tools in the world.

That means everything from copywriting automation platforms like CopyBlogger and Evernote Pro (which have been around forever) all the way down to niche content writing blogs like The Digital Content Guy and Copyblogger itself (which have been around too but only recently been promoted by some of its founders).

Texta AI – Automated Content Writing Tool

Get Quality Professional Content in Seconds

Pricing Details

Texta is a simple but powerful AI-based copywriting tool. It’s a powerful tool for both newbies and professionals alike. Not just for writers, it can also be used by marketers, artists, designers and other creatives to create simple and compelling content.

There are many benefits in using this tool:
•· You can customize the text that you want to be displayed on your website, blog or social media.
•· You can add a strong URL and meta description of your site or blog.
•· You can even add images to your articles to make them look better, attract more people and enhance the readability of your content.
•· If you have a large website or eCommerce store, then you can resize the Texta text on it automatically so that it fits all the available space on your site. This will save lots of time when writing articles for your store or website too!

No matter what type of content that you are writing, there is nothing complicated about Texta; it’s very easy to use and almost intuitive at first glance (most users won’t need any training).

Just follow these 3 steps:
  1. Start typing – Simply type whatever you want as a title for your article and press Enter button
  2. Select one paragraph from your text – Just select one paragraph from the list of text boxes in order to insert that part into your article
  3. Edit the text adding keywords & link tags – Edit any part of the article using Texta’s advanced features by simply clicking “edit” button (it will show all available options).

The next step is to provide different related options for each part of the article.

For example, if you’re looking for a particular keyword in an article; when typing that keyword in Texta quotes will pop up as shown below. Once you’ve selected all relevant options then click “Copy” button above which will take you back to where you were before.

To conclude, if you want to give a review-like experience then this is an easy way to do it with Texta. Do not hesitate to share this with other readers who might find themselves in similar predicament!

We are always happy to hear feedbacks & suggestions from our customers regarding our software!

Best Alternative for Texta

Be honest!
This review is for Texta.ai, a great AI-powered copywriting tool (it rewrites your content to write better content),

There are other best Alternative for Texta , a free alternative to Texta is Jarvis with trail use only.

And now, the best alternative is Wryter, Auto Content and many other tools into the market.

Texta is an AI-powered copywriting tool that rewrites text to write better content. It also has the best alternative.


This is a very simple review. I just want to say that I love Texta and I would recommend it to everyone. It is so easy to use! For example, you can change the text or add images right in the editor. You can even change the font of your text! The interface is great and it perfectly fits into my workflow.

I’ve been using Texta for 7 months now, and I will definitely be keeping it for a long time.

Texta AI – Automated Content Writing Tool

Get Quality Professional Content in Seconds