UAN Activation: Troubleshooting OTP Issues

The Universal Account Number (UAN) is a unique number issued to all members of the National Pension System. It is used to identify individual contributions and pension entitlement in the system.

The UAN can also be used as a substitute for an employee’s identity card or other valid government-issued form of identification when accessing services from private service providers such as banks, telecom companies, and insurance firms.

If you have uan issues, we have answers! This article will take you through troubleshooting uan activation process and if OTP isn’t working.

In Case 1: UAN Not Active

If uan is not active, it must be activated as per government guidelines. uan activation service can only be done via NPCI’s m-Pesa app or web portal and by using an OTP (One Time Password).

Here we’ll look at your options if you’re facing UAN activation problems, and steps you can take to resolve them.

Case 2: If UAN and OTP Both Not Working

If uan is not active or if OTP does not work, call the epfindia number 1800 419 3939 (mostly not working) for help with uan activation process.

But It’s very important that your mobile phone has an active internet connection before calling this helpline number because uan activation service is not possible via epfindia (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation) IVR number.

If uan has been activated and you’re still having uan issues, contact the helpline for help with uan login problems or any other UAN queries.

You can also check out EPFO FAQs on its website at

Unable to generate my old UAN Number

UAN activation service can only be done via NPCI’s UMANG app or web portal and by using an OTP (One Time Password).

If uan has been activated and you’re still having uan issues, contact the helpline numbers as above mentioned.

How do I uan registration process?

The uan registration process is a very straightforward and simple one. It can be done online or offline through epfindia’s website, uan toll-free helpline number/contact email id, SMS service uansms to 56161 as well as the NPCI app UMAG.

The service is only available for uan registered employers who have activated their UAN and submitted a valid KYC document.

Why is UAN inactive?

If account is not functioning from last 36 months then their are govt. guidelines to inactive them.

How many days it will take to activate UAN number?

While giving the correct input of OTP with your Aadhar number. It must be active. But your Aadhar will link with your UAN within 15 days of timeline.

Is it mandatory to activate UAN?

Yes, UAN is a must to activate. This made compulsory from 2018. Please wait for the final notification of EPFO about UAN activation date and then apply as soon as possible. Then avoid any future issues.

I have UAN activated but not linked with my bank account?

Make sure the UAN sms service is enabled in your profile and must check if uan activation service has been done for this UAN number because it take 15 days or more to process UAN online registration after receiving Aadhar details. If it’s already activated then please connect with epfo official website support.

How do I know if UAN is activated?

You can check uan status by entering your uan number. If the uan sms service is enabled in profile then you will get an sms message on registered mobile with all details like name, date of birth and Aadhar card number within 24 hours time frame.

Can I use UAN for insurance?

Yes, uan can be used for uan insurance policy. You can enroll in insurance service by visiting epfo website and then you will receive a confirmation email with all details like premium payment, claim process etc.

How can I get my inactive PF balance?

If uan is not active and your account has been inactive for more than 36 months then uan auth will transfer your PF balance with in 15 days of applying UAN.

How can I check my EPF Balance (1)
How can I check my EPF Balance (1)

How can I check my EPF Balance?

You can verify uan status by giving the correct OTP number and Aadhar card details. Then you will get uan status and PF balance on the screen.

What do I need to apply for uan?

Make sure you have activated your EPF account before applying uan online registration because it needs Aadhar card details as well. You can also visit epfo office if its already active then fill up form available at their office and submit it with uan activation process.

What is uan sms?

uansms service is activated by default but if you want to make a change in your profile then uaprof can be used to update this information and its charges are Rs 0.50/message. You will get sms message on registered mobile number within 24 hours time.

What uan services are available?

UAN can be used for insurance service and account transfer to new employer or online claim process etc. You can visit epfo website for more information about these uan dp services which is very useful if you are uan registered employer.

Why uansms service is not working?

If uansms is enabled in profile then you will receive sms message on registered mobile number within 24 hours time frame after entering correct OTP but if its disabled then no confirmation SMS will be delivered to your phone.

What is the OTP number for UAN services?

You can get required one time password in your registered mobile number because it takes 15 days and after entering Aadhar details and you also need to enable sms service option under services.

Can I have 2 UAN numbers?

Yes uan number is unique for every citizen so uan cannot be duplicated. You can also generate EPFIndia OTP through your mobile phone after enabling sms service under uan services and you will get one time password in registered mobile number which required to complete the uanauth process.

How can I activate UAN if mobile number is not registered?

You can inactivate your linked account and then register mobile number after that only you will get OTP on registered phone number for uan sms service.

If sms is not enabled in profile then no confirmation SMS will be delivered to your phone so we suggest activate this service before starting uanauth uan uand p uankaik process.

How can I activate UAN If date of birth is wrong?

If uan date of birth is wrong then uand p uankaik uanauth uan service will not be activated and you can change it after going through all steps which helps to complete the process.

You must have a valid reason for this kind of mistake so epfo don’t accept any request without proper error or warning message.