7 Steps To Create Unique Health Card (Online Apply)

In a country where Unique ID cards are mandatory, Unique Health Card may seem like a dream. But PM Modi’s step and the National Digital Health Mission aims to develop the backbone for Unique Health Cards in India with 4 Compressive Ways To Create Unique Health Card (Online Apply).

Govt to generate Aadhaar card-like Unique Health IDs for people, here’s all you should know. This unique card will store the details of your medical history like hospitals where he or she has been treated. The Unique health card is one step closer to reality!

Which authority helping govt. to create ids?

Unique identification authority of India (UIDAI) has collaborated with national digital health mission (NDHI) to create unique health cards online with Aadhar linked.

A Dream Comes True To Indian Citizens Similar To United State Method

You are Unique. The Unique Health Card is your medical record on a single piece of paper. Unique health cards are being made in India to help people access their medical records digitally, and save them from carrying around huge files.

That can get lost or misplaced at any time while also making it easier for the hospitals to find the right person when they need emergency care. Unique health card holders will have an ID number that links back to all of their personal information including lab results, immunizations, prescriptions and more so doctors can quickly assess what needs to be done before treating a patient.

What will be the benefit of Health Card – Aadhar Linked?

Benefit from filling medical forms

This Unique Health Card with a unique ID number would eliminate the need for filling out forms or going through long lines just because you forgot your papers.

Key Benefit:
It is linked with any Aadhaar or Mobile number so that all prescriptions and diagnosis from verified doctors are available on a single platform seamlessly!

Govt. Schemes

It’s always important to check your benefits, like whether or not you’re eligible for Ayushman Bharat Yojana. This card will help make sure that if there are any government schemes in place where people can receive support based on their needs and circumstances.

Paperless Technology

As the National Digital Health Mission gains momentum, it is making digital records more accessible to people living in these three East Coast Union Territories.

It’s pilot phase across the Union Territories of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Chandigarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman(India) to Diu.

The one billion Indians that live on this side of India are currently using an outdated and difficult system for keeping track of their own personal medical information- but not anymore!

With modern technology at our fingertips we can now access all accurate details about any illness or treatment plan right from home without having anyone stand around while you wait outside in line with other rude folks who don’t even floss daily like most should know better.

Time needed: 20 minutes.

All steps that need to create your online health id on govt. portal on your own device in few clicks as below:

  1. Go To NDHM Govt. Portal or search on Google

    NDHM is an official govt. website that hold health records of all Indian citizens. Kindly search or directly type ndhm.gov.in domain on web browser.

  2. Scroll down to NDHM components section

    Just one scroll needed then you will find NDHM component section where multiple benefits are there. Select Health Id section.

  3. Click on learn more or create your health card now

    In the tab, there are two buttons, first one is learn more and another button create your health card as key of digital healthcare journey. Visit website: healthid.ndhm.gov.in

  4. Enter your Aadhar Card number or Virtual Id

    Insert your Aadhar card number or virtual id as your official govt id card. If you don’t have Aadhar card then their is a ling to create your Aadhar online at the same time.

  5. Accept terms and conditions and agree

    There are a canescent form that you have read and agree. If don’t want then discontinue and leave. Else you can submit to click.

  6. Registered Mobile number OTP verfication

    Aadhar linked mobile number OTP code will be send by SMS. If you able to access at the same time via your phone. Provide that OTP text to the portal and click verify.

  7. Successfully created your account and check your details

    Now, your Unique Health card created. Check and view your details carefully. Now mention your nominee in case you won’t be able to access. Then click on logout. But make sure keep ID number downloaded in your device or drive.

Visual Way of Making ID Online

Step 1

Create health ecosystem
Create health ecosystem

Step 2

generate health id step 2
Generate health id step 2

Step 3

Enter Aadhar number or virtual id to make UHI
Enter Aadhar number or virtual id to make UHI

Step 4

Click on submit

Why create a Health ID?

A digitally secure, easy-to use health record for you and your family. You can opt in to get one that will allow sharing of all necessary information with participating providers or payers so they know what treatments are best suited just for them!

Image of all benefits of unique health card
Image of benefits of ID
  • Digital Health Records
  • One click & easy sign up
  • Voluntary Opt-In
  • Voluntary Opt-Out
  • Personal Health Records (PHR)
  • Create easy to remember PHR Address
  • Consent based access
  • Access to verified doctors across the country
  • Security and encryption (No information share without your permission)
  • Health records right from birth
  • Add nominee to access your Health ID
  • Access via Smartphone or other devices

It’s a combine effort of NHFW, NEIT, Digital India & NHA authorities of India.

combine effort of NHFW, NEIT, Digital India & NHA
Image of collaboration of authorities for this program