What did Yuvraj say to Chahal? Yuvraj Arrested Video For Comment on Yuzvendra Chahal Bhangi Cast, Quora

Yuvraj Singh and Yuzvendra Chahal are two cricketers from India. What did Yuvraj say to Chahal? What happened in the video of yuvraj arrest? What is bhangi cast? What are Quora’s thoughts on Yuvi and what he said about Yuzi. Get some interesting facts from this blog post.

What did Yuvraj say to Chahal?

Did you hear about the former Indian cricketer who was arrested for using a casteist slur?

The incident happened when Yuvraj Singh, a former Indian cricket player, used the word “chahal” to describe Yuzvendra Chahal. It is an offensive term that refers to people of lower castes in India. He was released on interim bail and has apologized publicly for his actions.

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What did yuvraj say to chahal video?

The battle for justice of the victims is still going on.

There are many cases where the accused have been released on bail by courts, and because of which they are not able to be punished.

In such a situation, it is necessary that we raise our voices against injustice and support those who fight for justice so that their voice does not go unheard. We should stand by them and give them strength to continue their fight for justice.

The comment was:

Yeh bhangi log ko kaam nahi hai yeh Yuzi aur isko (Kuldeep),” says Yuvraj. To which, Rohit adds, “Yuzi ko dekha kya video daala hai apni family ke saath. Maine usko wahi bola ki apne baap ko nacha raha hai, pagal toh nahi hai tu.

Comment by Yuvraj singh on Chahal Cast “As it is from social media”

What did yuvraj say to chahal quora?

People on quora have criticized him for his actions.

Yuvraj marked chahal as Bhangi on instagram and quora comments. The infamous comment that compelled Quorans to talk about it was when an Instagram post by Yuvraj Singh attracted a lot of attention.

A picture with his friend and teammate Yuzvendra Chahal was posted on Instagram in which he tagged the latter as ‘Bhangi’, who belongs to Dalit caste.

Yuvraj Singh is former captain of Indian cricket team who played many international matches with yuzi chahal.

What is chahals comment about Yuvi bhangi cast?

Chahal had not commented anything on it via social media. But as per the reports of news channels, he was angry about it and even refused to comment on the same.

What is Chahals caste?

Yuzvendra Chahal belongs to Dalit caste, which means ‘oppressed’ in Hindi language. He plays for India in international cricket matches.

Bhangi is a derogatory term used for people belonging to lower caste.

What was the reason behind this?

Cast commenting on Yuzvendra Chahal is the key point of discussion nowadays. What did Yuvraj say to Chahal? The video is being discussed in the cricketing arena for a long time now. Now, it has gone viral on media platforms too.

What does bhangi cast mean in English?

Bhangi meaning in English is tinsmith, tinker.

Bhangi cast means a person who belongs to the lower untouchable caste of Hinduism hounded by poverty. And illiteracy living below or at the fringes of society often engaged in menial jobs such as scavenging cleaning latrines etc.

What was the end result of this controversy?

Soon after, Yuvraj’s comment was reported by the media and he issued an apology for it through his Twitter handle.