What is call barring on mobile phone?

Let’s know what the meaning of call barring.

Today, everyone has an Android phone and is also smart. At such a time, it is a very simple process for people to call in the phone and log your phone call, but it happens many times when you want to keep the headphone in incoming mode and not in outgoing mode.

In such a time, the call barring is the biggest help and the stop appears in your mobile phone.

Benefits of call baring

If you are traveling to some unknown place or you are in someone’s unknown house or you are in the office, then at that time you leave your mobile phone with someone or on the strength of the media.

If someone gets caught, then he can very easily use your name incorrectly from your phone.

At the same time, when you want to be unable to process any outgoing call, the process of call barring goes somewhere.

With the help of such important feature inside our mobile phone, we can take most of the visits without any interruption, but can stop any kind of further going call.

Understand what a call barring is, how it can be stopped or how to turn it on, what is the default code, how is it used?

Why is call barring used?

Many times our phone calls come from different types of phone calls, we have to take a call even if we do not want to, such as the call of credit card people also comes from some or different types of fraud companies who ask us at our ATM or Then ask for some other fake documents.

Along with this, while living in some unwanted place, we have the desire that no one else can use our phone. For this, we try to process to interrupt our outgoing calling.

Stopping any kind of unwanted call is called call barring. Just like the police apply barring to stop any unknown person and to investigate them. In the same way, any type of unwanted call coming and going on your phone is called call barring.

How to use call barring?

First of all, you open the number dialing in your mobile and click with it above the button named or on the top right side.

You will see a button called Call Settings in which you have to click. After this, you will see another button called Call Barring on which you have to click.

Now you will see three types of buttons, Stop All Call Barring, Stop International Call Only and Stop Third International Call but Except Home Call.

The best way out of this is to click on All Call Barring. You will be asked for a password as soon as you click.

This password will be the password of your phone. Interrupt it, all your call barring will start in the mobile and any other type of call will be interrupted.


With the process of call barring, you can stop all types of unwanted elements at the same time and also prevent any kind of unwanted attempts of your phone.