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Yoni Massage Therapy – Tips For How Can You Help Your Love Life Practice

What is Yoni Massage Therapy?

It’s love therapy that can help your partner to feel relax and organism (If you’re a male partner with Yoni massage therapy).

It’s a type of sensual massage. But ideally, this is not about sex or foreplay activity. Yoni massage during pregnancy is helpful and making baby comfortable.

Yoni massage therapy is to make your body relax and comfortable with best feeling of mental pleasure.

This massage therapy will help you or your partner to mediate and touching your sensual feel.

viagna touch in yoni massage
viagna touch in yoni massage
Why Yoni Massage Required For Multiple Organism?

Sometimes, Human body required physical sensation in compare to sexual touch. In this case, Yoni Massage is helpful for deep intervention for a woman.

How many times organism happens in a day?

It’s a very common question by women that how many times, we can do sex or get the organism. During pregnancy and common situation, a women can get multiple time of sexual organism by using Yoni Massage Therapy at home. No limitation mentioned by medical science research studies.


Download Mindful Yoni Massage PDF – How To Get Yoni Massage Benefits – Amazing Home Methods & Techniques

Image of yoni massage PDF file link download for free

What is the meaning of Yoni in Sanskrit?

Yoni is Sanskrit that is know as vagina or you can call as a screate place of women.

A yoni massage gives comfort situation of the women while girl is feeling horny and porno relaxation without her male partner attachment. You can watch the video tutorial for it for mindful theory.

It’s a wealthy massage because without any tense or stretched condition of woman. It’s giving the pleasure with oil and physical connection.

Yoni Massage Therapy Feeling
Yoni Massage Therapy Feeling

Difference between normal massage or spa and Yoni (Virginia) Massage Therapy?

Normal, massage is similar as body massage, rubbing and making body nerves smooth. In Spa therapy, acupuncture is hipping the body massage during you taking rest.

But during, Yoni massage, you are aware about your sensual body parts of human. Making special touch, creating new era of imagination.

53.64% lower labor pain after Yoni massage during pregnancy

Women are caring baby more than her body. During pregnancy, In this condition, If the male partner will give Yoni massage during pregnancy then scientific report says that 53.64% lower labor pain will happen at the time of delivery.

Pregnancy Image for Yoga
Yoni massage during pregnancy

What is the reason for lower labor pain by doing Yoni massage during pregnancy?

While, your male partner will help you to connect with the baby via Yoni massage during pregnancy. Then touch of father to baby is making more comfortable and relaxed.

Starting 1000 days of baby is more important to grow. Because in this 2 years period (Nine months in mother stomach and after 1 year with mother and family) is important to mental growth.

As per the report, 80% of mental growth of a baby is happening during these days. That’s why If you are doing Yoni massage during pregnancy than It’s really helpful for your child.

How to give Yoni Therapy (Video Tutorial)?

From YouTube: How to give a Yoni Massage, Step by step process.

What are the benefits?

  • The quality life and mental peace of the body.
  • Making your body methodical.
  • Alarming your body with sensual touching.
  • Making your body more aware about the condition.

Is it related with orgasm and ejaculation?

Sometimes, it’s yes but most of the cases it’s not. Yoni massage can be extremely stimulating and vibrating. It’s focusing to sensitize the sensitive parts of the body.

It’s related with breasts, vagina and stomach area ejaculation. In this condition, woman is feeling experience multiple orgasms.

hand used image of yoni massage on vigna
Hand used image of massage virgin

How can massage make receiver, comfortable and make more relaxed?

  • Use your finger and put into the virginal part of women slowly
  • Make comfortable your partner
  • Start foreplay and be a playboy for your lover
  • Start kissing on body parts of women that can make her exotic
  • Touch the internal points to experience great Orgasmic energy
  • As a women and massage receiver, you must have to deliver your body to your partner during Yoni massage therapy
  • To get more pleasure, you will experience great Orgasmic energy
  • Start meditation while during virtual sex. It will create sensual feeling into the body structure
  • Make some sound during Yoni Therapy. Start your right hand upwards that can uplift your pleasure.

How to start this process?

To follow, Yoni Massage Therapy Prepare your mind and body in your private space and private time.

You have to Warm up the body with sensual touching.

During this session, you can start the song and make some dance move. No barriers and barriers to enjoy. It is process of daily life routine to improve your quality of life style.

In conclusion, Yoni massage actually ingratiate the past trauma that boost your inseminate parts of sex.


This is the way that can help you and your partner to live a better sexual life for long.

What is yoni massage meaning?

In Sanskrit (Oldest & Ancient Language of India), Yoni (Virginia) required push and touch on time.

In conclusion, “Yoni massage meaning” is push the women’s vagina to make pleasant behavior and give organism.

As a husband, you have to start foreplay with your wife during married life. It’s required time on time before sex with your life partner.

It’s a core type of Tantric massage therapy that can help your wife to focus on mental peace and body meditation.

Therefore, Every research states that Yoni massage meaning is during sex without using men’s penis. Above all, male partner is giving fingure job to you (woman).

Yoni massage meaning is similar to blow job. But the difference, women is giving blow job by mouth. All in one, Yoni massage tips are concluded on finger and mouth both organs.

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In our next article, We will help you to understand that how to yoni massage therapy & yoni massage benefits?

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