2022 tesla model 3 – Performance & Review

Introduction of 2022 tesla model 3

We are excited to announce that we are launching the Model 3 on Tesla.com! We have taken the time to build a new site, remove all our launch materials from the old site, and updated it with a fresh look. We’ve also made sure all parts of the site, including videos and previews, are running on a near-perfect technical stack. More about 2022 tesla model 3 price, standard range plus, rumors, range, interior & review.

2022 tesla model 3 release date

Tesla Model 3 mid-cycle launch.

With an almost ideal blend of performance, driving range, and accessible pricing, the 2022 Tesla Model 3 is an electric vehicle.

A few months ago the Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) asked me to review their new electric car. I’m not sure if they had a better or worse idea but I guess they are going to do one of each.

The Tesla Model 3 has been delayed multiple times as Elon Musk tries to figure out how to make it affordable for everyone in America and elsewhere. The first version was priced at $35,000 before being priced by the US government at $35,000 with a purchase price of $7,500 and a tax credit of $7,500. With those numbers you can see that the price includes all federal or state taxes and fees except for state sales tax which is 5%.

The NY Times reported last month that Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk had told investors that the first production run would be done in 2020 with an initial production capacity of 500 cars per week by mid-2020 with a total vehicle production capacity of 500k per year and a market cap of more than $25 billion (phew).

However, just yesterday Bloomberg reported that Tesla could reap billions from its deals with municipalities. If it can get them to buy enough electric cars in order to meet their electricity needs from the company’s battery storage network.

As such it is considered safe to assume that by 2022 Tesla will have sold more than 500k Model 3s worldwide and have a market cap greater than $25 billion (I didn’t say thousands because I know people who would not be able to afford this car). If Elon Musk says so then so be it but there’s no telling how much he’ll charge since he is always trying to improve his product line up at any given moment.

Range & Performance

As of Friday, November 6th, the Motor Trend Performance Index (MPI) has scored the Tesla Model 3 as the best-driving electric car in the U.S. The Model 3’s performance rating of 8.5 out of 10 is higher than that of any other vehicle on all four segments tested, topping not only the Model S, but also the Chevrolet Bolt EV and all other vehicles on those segments except for Nissan LEAF and Chevy Bolt EV.

The MPI is a multi-year study that provides information about how well a vehicle performs across several performance categories such as acceleration, braking, handling, road holding and cornering. The MPI scores are based on real-world driving experience based on thousands of tests conducted by Motor Trend editors over the years to determine which vehicles are most easily driven by all types of drivers from novice to professional.

Interior & Exterior

Tesla is releasing a new electric vehicle that is likely to change the way we think about cars. The company just announced the Model 3 on Thursday, and it’s already getting quite a viral response. Most of the buzz, though, has centered on its unexpected performance. What does this mean for Tesla?

First of all: yes, Tesla will be selling a car that can go farther than any other car on the road right now.

The company’s patent-pending triple-motor system will give it three times the traveling range of current EVs while using less electricity to do so.

Second: yes, Tesla is offering an electric car that’s substantially more affordable than most other EVs currently on the market.

No one else offers a sedan that can compete with the Model S when it comes to driving range, and no one else sells an affordable electric sedan with triple-motor technology that’s as good as — if not better than — anything you can buy in the US today .

Third: yes, Tesla is designing and building an interior for these vehicles that makes them resemble nothing we’ve seen before . And no one else is doing this.

Fourth: yes, there are rumors about how Tesla plans to make its cars even more fuel efficient than what it already does now — and then some . And no one else has done this before.

Fifth: yes, if you happen to live in California , you are likely to get your hands on one of these vehicles next week . And no one else sells here either.

As far as exterior styling goes? It looks like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie — but so far, so good. Check out our video below where I drove my own electric vehicle through San Francisco Bay Area traffic (with Tom Miskin taking notes :).

By 2020 I hope we’ll be able to drive this same route without having to worry about tailpipe emissions or sound levels!

Reviews & Ratings

This is the first Tesla model we’ve reviewed in a while, and it’s a real gem.

The powertrain is top-notch, the interior design is wonderful, and the car eases in to the 180-mile range with lightning speed. The performance is phenomenal, especially if you’re willing to drive with your semi-autonomous Autopilot or have it on cruise control.

All this sounds great, but we have a few nits to pick. First of all, there are some things that are just baffling for people to understand about Tesla: Why does the car charge so fast? Does it have an aftermarket battery pack? What’s up with those big mirrors? And why does this car feel like a bomb?

But then again, perhaps that’s what you want from a car: explosions and high-pitched noises. After all, robots don’t feel pain — but when they explode — wow!

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