A NFT Collection 911R Garage | Special NFT Project with 10K Cars

This is a collection of unique cars and 10,000 NFTs with different variations, styles, and colors. Here’s what we mean by “unique.”

A car is unique when it is the only one of its kind in its country or region. For example, there are no 900-hp V8 Lamborghinis remaining in the world. So if you want to see a 900-hp Lamborghini NFT, you’re going to have to go to Europe or somewhere else where there are no such cars left.

An NFT is unique when it has a different color (hence the name). For example, this orange Corvette NFT has been painted to look like an orange Porsche 964 NFT and so is not exactly the same as any other orange Corvette on the road today.

An NFT with a different style or design can also be unique: for example, this blue Ferrari NFT was designed by Armando Guzman and artist Ario Ruiz while they were in college (and so is not exactly the same as any other blue Ferrari on the road today.)

What is 911R garage?

911R Garage is a collection of 250 unique cars, each with their own flair and a collection of 10,000 car NFTs with different variations, styles, and colors. It’s an interesting project that deserves some attention.

Why is it special in 911R Garage NFT Collection
Why is it special in 911R Garage NFT Collection

Why is it special in 911R Garage NFT Collection?

When you walk into 911R Garage NFT Collection, you are immediately impressed with the quality of the collection, in particular the variety and quality of the cars. The collection of cars is curated by a group of people who have all been involved with cars for over 20 years. This special attention to detail goes beyond just improving the existing inventory, however; it encompasses everything from reverse engineering and modifying a car to painting and customizing it to the customer’s specifications.

The product is being driven by a very small team that only works on one side project at a time, ensuring that all projects are perfect before they move on to the next one. An example of this can be seen in their YouTube video below:

The founders of 911R Garage are very determined to give back to their community through doing useful things that don’t involve collecting rare cars or building them in 3D.

What can you do here?

NFTs are one of the newest and most exciting ideas in the world of Fintech.

They have a fully functional app that allows you to view, search, and buy NFTs. They also have an online marketplace where people can sell things they don’t want anymore.

These guys have a huge repository of cars and they have just recently launched the nft collection on iPhone & iPad. They are definitely worth checking out!

Pricing and Payment Methodology

If you want to collect NFTs, this is a great place to start. In their own words:

“NFTs are, essentially, datahousing on the Internet. We collect and share cars that are owned or can be purchased by people. We allow anyone to make money by selling the cars for cash or with an interest-free loan. You get paid for your work: not just for the time of your work, but also for any profits you make on the cars you sell and provide services to others who buy from us.”

The company has a wide variety of payment methods, including cash on delivery (COD), checks, and PayPal. They take pride in their security: they offer a three-layer encryption system using 256-bit AES encryption software that is hosted on their computers instead of servers (so they can let security be the focus).

They have a number of different pricing plans, and almost anything you can think of you can get (like stickers), except insurance (which they also don’t offer).


We believe that the NFTs are the future of car collecting and that they can be used as a great marketing tool, especially if they are collected by enthusiasts. It’s not just the cars themselves; it’s how they were collected and where they came from.