What fitness goal on Iphone fitness app should a 90kg man going to the gym have? | A 90kg man’s fitness goal on Iphone fitness app

Why fitness apps can be useful in helping you achieve your fitness goals?

As a general rule, weight loss is a very slow burn. Indeed, the initial spike in weight loss is so small that it is not worth talking about (which you probably know all too well). The worst thing we can do with our weight loss efforts is to think about it as the only goal – or worse, the only reason for doing something. We should instead focus on the long-term health of our body and mind.

This is especially true for those who are already overweight and need to lose more. So, what’s my fitness goal? For me, it’s maintaining an optimal level of fitness throughout my life. And this means I need to focus on what I eat and how I move (in order to keep my body healthy).

I have been exercising for a total of 30 years but I never really got serious about it until about 9 months ago: when I was in my early 50’s and was just plain out of shape (and not just because of some bad luck). My wife and I made an ultimatum: if we didn’t get back into shape then she would leave me; if I followed her lead then she would leave me and we could be happy together forever (I am still opposed to this option but …).

The result wasn’t pretty: over a year later both of us lost 30kg (or roughly 15% of our combined total body weight) which is obviously great news for us but also for our health.

A year later we are still doing well but now that there are two of us we have even less spare time than before, so there isn’t much chance we will ever lose any more weight. But being at least reasonably fit while keeping our health intact is great; it keeps us focused on what we do rather than what we should be doing. It also gives us some breathing room in the event that one or the other needs to get serious with exercise again in the near future.

If you are just starting out on your fitness journey, here are three things you should keep in mind:

Don’t think “I want to lose 100kg because then I will have an ideal body physique! That way I can show off all my hard work as proof!” At heart, your life will be much more complicated than that. If you want someone else to notice you as an ideal bodybuilder — then don’t expect

What fitness goal should a 90kg man going to the gym have on an iPhone fitness app?

The average person will rarely think of themselves as 200kg. If you are one of those people, you’ll need to bear that in mind when designing your weight loss functionality (if you don’t want to go out and buy a new scale).

How to make sure you’re using your fitness app correctly for best results.

I’d like to share with you an example for a 90kg man who wants to go to the gym and do some kind of exercise. He does not want to buy the gym membership, he does not want to work out at home, he does not want any special equipment. He just wants an app that will help him get to a better fitness condition than he was in before.

And so he decided to write one himself and make it available for iPhone users.

The app is called  Fitbit , IOS version is free and works on both iOS and Android platforms. You can download it here or on the Fitbit website here:

Now, what should his fitness goal be?  Of course, we have no answer for that question yet. But based on the long time we spent researching different approaches and testing them, we believe this one is quite popular among our customers:

That’s basically what our customer envisioned with his fitness goal: add more weight so that he could be better fit in order to be healthier. That’s basically what our customer envisioned with his fitness goal: add more weight so that he could be better fit in order to be healthier. We think it’s pretty cool! It will surely help him out a lot!

Especially if you’re an athlete or someone who wants a specific goal (like running a marathon or playing tennis).

3 dieting success stories from people who used iPhone fitness apps to help them lose weight.

I have a high-level picture of what I want in the health and wellness space. It’s not a one-size-fits-all way, but it is one that can be applied to all kinds of goals, from weight loss to overall fitness, and from people who want a specific goal (e.g. “I’m going to lose 80kg in the next year”) to people with no particular goals at all (e.g. “I don’t see the point in going to the gym if I don’t have an actual reason to go there…).

The hardest part when trying to define your goal is probably finding an appropriate metaphor that accurately describes your motivation and approach. In this case, it was easy: I wanted to shed my extra weight as fast as possible so I could get into work in time for my next gig. But there are cases where it is hard:

• How do you describe a “soulful treadmill workout”?

• What does “strength training” actually mean?

If you think about the metaphor you come up with, it should be able to capture your goal (which might be more than just losing weight). Then you want to find something that will make your journey more meaningful and less frustrating (in terms of time spent on cardio), as well as make it easier for you to measure progress and track how far along you are towards your goal.

The fitness app in question was called Fitness Mate by its developer, so I decided that was a good way of deriving my goal without having too many technical jargon issues thrown our way (though I did use their customer service support arm when trying to figure out how they could help me complete my goal vs. just giving me generic advice and hope that my solution would work for me).

There are other cases where things are harder:

• How can we best describe this journey? What do we mean here by performance versus average?

• How do we measure progress?

So here are some other examples where this kind of exercise can help us come up with better ways of describing our goals:

• Some people prefer walking as their form of exercise; others prefer biking or running; still others like swimming… What works for them? And what makes them happy?

• Some hobbies require additional equipment or gear; others don’t… What makes them happy!!

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