How To Recover Your UAN Number Online: Complete Guide

If you forgot UAN number, this guide will help you recover it. We will go through how to contact the UAN service line and what steps to take if they are not able to help you with your issue.

We will also provide tips for keeping your personal information safe by using strong passwords or two-factor authentication.

What is a UAN number?

A UAN number is an account number given to all employees who are eligible for the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) scheme. The purpose of this number is to make it easier for companies and employers to pay EPF contributions on time, avoiding penalties.

UAN if I forgot it
UAN if I forgot it

How do I recover my UAN if I forgot it?

If you forgot your UAN number, there are two ways to recover it.

The first option is:

By logging into the EPFO website and entering some personal information like name, date of birth, etc.

Once this has been done they will send you an SMS or email with your UAN number within 24 hours (and sometimes even faster).

The second option is by calling the UAN service line.

However, this can be a very difficult and frustrating process; even when you do manage to speak with someone over the phone it may take up to three weeks for your number to arrive in your account. Here are some tips on how to get through the call more easily:

  • Take a pen and paper with you, so that during the call you can take down important information like your UAN number.
  • Ensure they have all of your personal info ready before starting the call to make it go more smoothly. This means having documents on hand for them to reference when needed (i.e., ID card, passport, etc.).
  • If you want to be 100% sure that the number they are giving you is correct then request that an SMS with your UAN number is sent to your phone for confirmation. This can help avoid any future issues when you try and use it online.

Although the process of recovering a UAN over the phone can be a headache, it is important to note that the UAN service line should not give out your personal information over the phone. So if you are asked for ID numbers or any other sensitive information then this must be done by providing them with an alternative number (i.e., driver’s license) and asking them to read back/confirm the information that you have provided.

Forgot UAN number and mobile number

May be you lost your phone (mobile) and don’t have access of your UAN number. The key reason is, today everyone saving details on mobile phone device or laptop/desktop. But once he/she lost his/her device anywhere then their are big loss of data that he/she had saved on mobile.

Still data can recover by getting the mobile number back into the activation. So, if you lost then connect with customer service center and get a new sim card on the same mobile number and then activate your mobile number and click on forgot UAN number on the official website.

Now, you will be able to get back your Unique Account Number to withdrawal or deposit.

What to do if UAN service line is not working?

If the UAN service line is unable to help, then it may be time to turn your attention towards a customer support representative from your bank or mobile phone carrier. They might just need some extra details about who you are and how they can contact you so that they can confirm if this is your number or not.

Keep these tips in mind to make the process of recovering your UAN number as painless as possible.

Stay safe online by using strong passwords or two-factor authentication to protect personal information like mobile numbers and bank accounts!

How can I keep my data safe?

There are many ways you can stay protected against identity theft – especially when it comes to your mobile number.

One way is:

By using strong passwords or two-factor authentication for services that contain sensitive information, like email accounts and social media profiles.

This means having a unique password per account which you change often (ideally every three months) so hackers have less of an opportunity to steal them all at once.

Another option is:

By using two-factor authentication, where you have to provide an extra piece of information in addition to your password when logging into a website or app on your phone. This can be anything from a PIN number sent via SMS to the device itself, or even biometric security like fingerprint or facial recognition software for higher levels of security.

Buying a new mobile number is not the only way to protect your data from being stolen, so keep these tips in mind when browsing online and you’ll be well on your way to safeguarding yourself against identity theft!

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about how to recover your UAN number by leaving them in the comment section below.

An alternative number can be used to protect your data by asking for a confirmation SMS with your UAN number to confirm that it is correct before moving forward over the phone.

It’s always best practice when online shopping or doing anything else which requires sensitive information, like bank accounts and mobile numbers, to use strong passwords or two-factor authentication.

If you need to recover your UAN number then the process may take more than three weeks for it to arrive in your account, so keep this in mind when planning ahead!

When the account is accessed from a new device.

One way to protect your personal information when online shopping is by using two-factor authentication, which requires you provide an extra piece of information in addition to your password for security purposes.

This can be done in a variety of ways depending on what type of website or app you are logging into. So it’s always best to be aware of what is required and how you can go about doing this.

To recover your UAN number you can submit a request on the official site and wait for an automated message to arrive in your account with the necessary information.

It’s important when online shopping or doing anything else which requires sensitive personal information like bank accounts, mobile numbers and email addresses that you use strong passwords or two-factor authentication to protect yourself against identity theft.

If you need to recover your UAN number then the process may take more than three weeks, so it’s important that you plan ahead and keep this in mind when planning!

Another option is by using two-factor authentication where a personal pin code or biometric security like fingerprint can also be used.

Once logged in, go to “My Profile” from the main menu bar at top of page.

If you forgot your UAN number then you can request a new one by submitting an official form through the official site.

This may take more than three weeks to be received in your account, so keep this in mind when planning ahead!

To protect yourself against identity theft please use strong passwords or two-factor authentication for sensitive information like bank accounts, mobile numbers and email addresses when shopping online.

If you forgot your UAN number then the process may take more than three weeks for it to come in your account through an automated message with the necessary information, so plan ahead accordingly!

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How to activate UAN number?

It’s quite common for startup founders to get excited about their product, but not the people who actually use it. The reason is simple: “people don’t buy from a startup until they see a prototype or use an early version of their product.” This is hardly surprising and we agree; but it’s also an important lesson.

This is why I like to talk about the “how to activate uan number” in these posts. It’s the first step in getting people to realize that you have something which they want, which will change their lives (and maybe even some of theirs).

The great advantage of this approach is that you can talk about both your product and your business at the same time, while still getting the benefit of doing both at once. The key here is that you are not looking at a single market (your target market), but you are talking at once to all of them.

How to activate uan number without mobile number

At this point, you would be wise to think about activating the number on your phone rather than the website. The first step would be to find out how many people visit the site directly and how many people click on the “activate” button. Those are two very different things.

That said, there are plenty of other ways you can activate a number, depending on what your app is about and what kind of user experience you want:

• Text message (or SMS)
• Email

You can also go with a combination of all these options, e.g., if you want to make sure that someone who visits your website doesn’t forget to activate their mobile number before leaving, you can use SMS and email for that purpose.

In any case, don’t take this as a blanket recommendation — there’s no one-size-fits-all solution here! You have to experiment! And most importantly: don’t forget about the mobile number in your spam filter!

How to activate uan number without aadhar

So my friend, you have to understand that there are two major reasons for having a mobile phone:

  1. So that you can make and receive calls
  2. So that you can do what is called “Aadhar” in India.

Aadhaar is the 12 digit unique ID number of an Indian citizen, or the unique identification number, which can be used to verify that you are who you say you are. This number is also linked to your PAN (Permanent Account Number). You can use it to open a bank account or obtain a national identification card, or any other kind of government document.

The 12 digit Aadhaar number is generated by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), and is based on your biometrics (name, photograph, fingerprints and iris scan). It’s not possible to change your Aadhaar number; it’s a permanent record of your identity.

You cannot find out how many people have done this; UIDAI does not publish this information. For more information about using an Aadhaar-linked bank account, visit .

You will be asked for the 12 digit Aadhaar number when you apply for a bank account or any other kind of government document such as a ration card or voter id card (which will also require an 8 digit biometric authentication code).

If the application requires an apostilled copy of your Aadhaar e-verification document (which means it contains a digital signature), then the copy will be provided at no cost and will be sent electronically; if not then they may want to send you one by post as well as money orders or cheques – they’re both accepted forms of payment in India.

If your Aadhaar e-verification document has been updated since its last usage then it must contain another 12 digits: 6 digits are required for each update while 8 digits are required for each change. The 6 digit version should be sent with the application form so that its details can be used in future applications even if it needs updating again later on in life – but only after its authenticity has been confirmed by UIDAI through a new biometric scan

Which means its validity must exceed 1 year from date of receipt – and only requests from authorised sources like banks should update its details online in case it gets lost/stolen/damaged etc…; but remember – all changes will have to occur after 1 year since.

How to activate uan number by employer

I find myself in a situation where I have many users on my product, but they are not activated (i.e. they do not get the benefits from the app). They’re just there, sitting there, and we can’t figure out how to get them activated.

I know what you’re thinking already: “Why don’t you just change their employer to activate them?” Nope!

First of all, this has never been our experience with customers. Employers are very rarely foolish enough to change their employer for an app that isn’t working out. Furthermore, if hiring your employees is a problem for you (and it is) then it is probably a bigger problem than getting them activated (which you will have done anyway).

If you have this gap in your user base and can’t figure out how to make them active — good luck trying to find a user-friendly way to do that!

There are several practical ways to approach this problem:

1) Create an email address using uan
2) Move every user whose employer doesn’t activate onto another product/service
3) Consider paying someone else to rake up some of the dormant users
4) Don’t try and do this yourself! It’s likely that there’s something else you could be doing instead!
5) Try contacting each user individually and asking them if they want their employer to activate them.

This does take some time, but if you’re lucky enough that person won’t stop using your app because she knows what you’re doing (and she likes it!)… or at least she won’t stop liking it because she knows what you’re doing.