How to make a poster on Hum fit toh India fit? 3 steps

Why fitness is important for India?

The Indian fitness scene is small, and yet very important and thriving. If you’re new to it, here are some resources that might help you get started:

1. Fitness India – best online fitness marketplace in India (and the world)

2. Indian Fitness Broadcast – a weekly podcast that discusses India’s fitness industry

3. Bollywood Fit, a blog about Bollywood fitness

4. Fitness India – an informative site about Indian fitness

5. MyFitGuyFitness – updated weekly with the latest news from the Indian fitness industry

Why poster-making is a great way to promote fitness in India?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of India? Do you think of Bollywood or cricket (both televised) or education or politics? Neither. You probably think about food and shopping, maybe the economy. Or maybe you think about fashion, travel and business opportunities, getting a head start on those last two.

Well, it’s all true. But the poster is a secondary aspect of the income cycle in India. And I’m not talking about the poster stuff, I’m talking about the poster-making stuff: how to make a poster in India fit for India fit.

I have been involved with posters since I was in high school. Back then they were just printed cardboard sheets, made by companies like Visakha Press that specialized in designing A1-size posters for schools and universities across India.

But it has been a long time since I had to use Visakha Press for my school work (and since I was doing graphics work). Nowadays there are many good quality print shops on sites like Flipkart (and very cheap ones too), but what is still missing are those who specialize in making quality posters for small businesses and organizations like startups and nonprofits.

How do you make posters for such businesses? It starts with two things:

• Understanding some basics of graphic design

• Understanding User Interface elements (like color palettes, screen resolutions)

I also want to share with you some points which aren’t necessarily “graphic designers” specific but which are helpful nonetheless: understanding your client(s). The first step is understanding your client(s), because no matter how professional their project looks on paper, if it doesn’t look right in person — don’t buy them a copy!

There are several reasons for this:

1) You will be wasting your money;

2) They will feel bad about wasting your time;

3) You will end up working on something that isn’t exactly what they wanted anyway;

4) Your team will be unhappy;

5) It can be embarrassing if they ask you to make changes after the fact if it isn’t what they envisioned.

So do yourself a favor and do your homework before taking them on as clients so that you have some idea of where they are coming from before starting work with them — even if it is just an initial meeting to discuss their expectations at an early stage when ordering materials costs

How to make an effective fitness poster for India?

There are various ways in which you can convey the message of fitness. You can use printed posters, website or video (or both).

If you want to use a physical poster, here are some general guidelines for poster design:

• Try to choose a filter that is not too bright or too dark

• Try to use colors that will not clash with the background colors

• Avoid using too many colors when choosing colors for your poster

• Don’t use any letters, numbers or symbols that are difficult to see but make sense in any font.

A good example for an idea for a poster is this one by fitness trainer and body building coach Mona Dey (who has since moved on to other things). The idea is that we should celebrate our fitness and strength while accepting our flaws. We should appreciate those who work hard and those who do it in the style they do it. That’s the perfect way to inspire and motivate people.

Conclusion: The importance of fitness for a healthy nation

Of all the things that many people try to sell us, none is more valuable than fitness. In fact, it is almost impossible to find a company which doesn’t want to sell you some kind of fitness product or service.

If you work for a company that does not sell fitness, it’s probably because you are not in the fitness business or because you don’t know what it means to sell fitness products and services. If you do know what it means to sell fitness products and services, then I commend your entrepreneurial spirit and ask you to join me in putting together a great poster for India Fit.

All of this was written before any events like the Olympics have taken place, but hopefully we can use this opportunity to broaden our conversation:

The relevance of fitness in India is obvious even on the surface (why else would we be talking about it?); if someone has done a good job at defining its importance in the minds of Indian consumers and potential customers, let’s do an education session on what they have covered so far so that they can continue to do so in future conversations.

We all know that mass participation sports (like sports) are important for growing our nation — why wouldn’t we want mass participation exercise? It may be true that those who get fit through sport seem healthier than those who don’t (and thus may be healthier than those who don’t exercise at all), but there is more going on here than meets the eye:

Fitness enthusiasts are happy because they feel good about themselves; they feel good about society as a whole; they feel good about their country as a whole; and finally, they feel good about themselves because life is better when people are healthy. They see themselves as part of something bigger than themselves and so being healthy means that everything will be okay again when everything around them becomes better. This is not just an Indian thing — anyone who has ever received “healthy-looking” status updates on Twitter knows this feeling! But I bet many of us reading this now have never experienced it with our own lives yet — maybe time will change that one day!

So if these things matter enough for us, why shouldn’t we make sure that everyone sees how important healthiness is? What better way to highlight our position in the world (as an emerging economy with billions but tens of millions still living under affordable poverty)?

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