How To Write A Bearer Cheque and Types in India?

How To Write A Bearer Cheque and Types in India?

When you are at bank, looking for how to write a bearer cheque? Or may be you don’t know about the term bearer cheque.

So, as per the name, Bearer cheque is an instruction of banking to pay off to payee or allocated person/organization for a specific amount by check (cheque).

Can bearer cheque be deposited in account?

It’s a common question asked by multiple users of SeoRub. Then answer is YES, bearer cheque you can in-cash directly to your account but the rule is all details mentioned on the cheque is similar to your bank account. If any single digit or comma is different then you will get the payment.

Bearer cheque sample

Might be still, you are not aware and looking for the sample of the bearer cheque sample, there here as below:

bearer cheque withdrawal rules
bearer cheque withdrawal rules

Process of filling the Bearer cheque

  1. As per the sample, date on which you wish to issue the cheque with day, month and year format
  2. Name of the person you wish to pay (Capital letter is most preferred)
  3. If you want to let anyone holding the cheque get the payment then use or bearer name
  4. Mark the exact amount of the value in words
  5. In the box, mention the amount of money in numbers only
  6. Check your saving account number once,
  7. Match your IFSC code number
  8. Above authorized signatory, mark your sign
  9. Mark your cheque number with MICR code

Cheque is available for Current and saving account holder. Ideally, cheque is a negotiable tool for banking.

Types of Cheques

Different type of cheque like bearer cheque, order cheque, open cheque, cross cheque, post dated cheque and others.

Cheque is giving guarantee to withdraw for a specific amount to pay off.

What is a Bearer Cheque?

Bearer cheque is using for cash withdraw from cash counter directly. A bearer cheque can be transferred to another person.