A Guide to HRMS App – the Human Resource Management System of Railway

HRMS is a system that has been designed for the purpose of managing human resources in the railway sector. The term ‘human resource management system‘ refers to an integrated software application which can be used by Indian railway employees , and it manages all aspects of the employees.

It is also known as HRMS or IRHrms. In this blog post, we will explore what hrms means and who uses hrms app. There are many benefits of using an HRMS solution, but one major benefit is reducing manual paper work required from supervisors and managers while providing real time data to decision makers in order to make better decisions about people management needs in Indian railways.

About Railways and What is the use of HRMS?

The Indian Railways is the world’s largest passenger and freight railway network. It operates 19,000 trains daily over a route of 65,500 km (40,890 mi). The rail system was built during the British colonial era in 1853 by private companies to transport both passengers and goods. The Indian railways are now owned by the government corporation called “Indian Railways” that ran it since its nationalization in 1944.

One important component of running an efficient railway system is Human Resource Management System (HRMS), which manages all human resource functions for employees working at different levels within the organization. HRMS is used to manage recruitment process, appraise performance of employees on regular intervals with feedbacks from managers or subordinates or both, and to monitor employee activities in a systematic manner.

HRMS App for Indian Railway
HRMS App for Indian Railway

Uses of IRHRMS

Download ReportsPrint Reports
View own profile informationAge/education/credentials, leave balance
Appraisal ReportReminders on Pending Actions
Notice Period DetailsPromotion Eligibility Dates
Key Use of HRMS Railway

The application is also used by employees for self-service functions such as viewing own profile information like:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Credentials
  • Leave balance
  • Verifying Personal Data
  • Reviewing Performance Appraisal Report
  • Generating reminders on pending actions
  • Checking out notice period details
  • Knowing promotion eligibility dates
  • Entering personal information for new employees joining the organization.

Employees can also download and print reports containing details of their performance appraisal, training records etc.

The Indian Railways’ HRMS is a web-enabled application that uses open source technologies such as Drupal or Liferay to create an online portal where managers across different departments within the Railway Board can access information of their subordinates. There are various user roles and authentication mechanisms that allow different levels of access to the users as per their needs.

Steps to access HRMS Mobile App on Android Device

In the HRMS Mobile App only registered employee can access their all data. Download the app from Google Play Store If you are using any one of below mobile phone types then click here.

Enter your User Name and Password i.e., employee ID Number, Date of Birth (DOB) Details, etc which is given by Indian Railways at the time of joining. Click on the Login button to access HRMS Mobile App

Login By Registered Mobile OTP Verification: If you want to access HRMS mobile app without any one-time password (OTP) verification.

Forgot Password: If you forget your password then click on Forgot Password option and enter employee ID Number, Date of Birth (DOB) Details, etc which is given by Indian Railways at the time of joining. Click on Submit Button to reset the new password.

HRMS has an important role in railway management system of India, which manages the recruitment process and performance appraisal of employees working for Indian Railways. It is a very helpful platform to manage human resource functions efficiently with great ease and comfort by accessing it from anywhere at any time via an internet connection.