Latest Internship at Myntra India To Apply

What is Myntra?

Some of the most recent information on Myntra was gathered by a small startup, WePay. In 2015, a group of engineers at Myntra decided to launch their own e-commerce store. It was called Myntra India and it made its first transaction (a product sale) in February 2015. Since then, they have grown rapidly and are now one of the largest fashion brands in India with more than $100 million in annual sales.

The founders were part of the team that built Square’s payments platform, which was acquired by Apple for $140 million. The company is based in New Delhi and offers a wide range of products for women such as dresses, shoes, bags and accessories under the brand name ‘Myntra’.

Myntra’s history

Myntra was founded in 2007. In 2010, the company was bought by Flipkart for $502 million. Flipkart’s founder and CEO, Sachin Bansal, is a co-founder of Myntra.

The company is currently expanding rapidly and is growing at a rate of 250% each year (source).

What do they do?

The last couple of weeks, I got an email from a recruiter at Myntra India asking me if I would be interested in writing an article for them. They are looking for a fashion blogger to write about their site.

I was like, “No way!”

I have been blogging since 2008, and the idea of writing about fashion is probably not in my repertoire at all. And that’s the reason why I wasn’t quite keen on the idea.

But then, I had some time on my hands and decided to give it a shot. Here’s what they wrote:

Dear T-Shirt Blogger, If you are passionate about fashion, ideas and creativity (which is me!), you may want to read this article first and think again before applying. Our client is one of the leading fashion brands in India and has committed to provide you with a unique opportunity.

Which will help you to realize your dreams of becoming a fashion blogger through interning with them. The internship will allow you to experience first hand how they work at their core business while also gaining exposure and valuable skills that will help you grow your blog into something more interesting beyond just t-shirts (and we don’t mean t-shirts).

This is not just a job for you; it is a way for us to learn more about your personality, skillsets and expectations so that when we hire other bloggers, we get better candidates than before! It will also help us build relationships with our clients with whom we hope that soon enough we can build something more significant than mere t-shirt blogs.

Moreover, it will help us get to know our customers better so that once our new designer launches in 2017 as well as our brand ambassador comes up with her own line of products next year (which has exciting projections), we can come up with new products together which would not have happened otherwise! We hope this kind of experience helps you realize your dreams of becoming a fashion blogger!

If this interests you too much or if there are any questions prior to applying then feel free to reach out at 😉 Special thanks go out to @dipankarraman who went through all this trouble just so he could finally tell me why trying something different was worth it 🙂

We are looking forward hearing from everyone 🙂 Hope it was helpful! Best Regards – Myntra India Team

The internship experience

Myntra is a rapidly growing e-commerce store in India. The internship experience at Myntra Canada will help you to start a career in the real practice of your classroom learning.

The goal of this internship is to get a feel for how to work with leading fashion brands. It will also give you an opportunity to learn new things and make ongoing connections with the creative industry. You will be spending your time doing multiple tasks including marketing, sales and administrative work.

The benefits of this internship are:

You will get a feel of being part of a team and working with professionals in a fast moving environment You will have the opportunity to network with others who are doing similar things You will have an opportunity to apply yourself, interning for 3 weeks at one of the leading brands in Canada You can use this internship as part of your application for university or graduate programs

How to apply

Myntra is a growing e-commerce store in India and applying internship will help you to start your career in professional life in the real practice of your classroom learning. The company has a huge target audience and majority are young, with an average age between 20 to 35 years. This is an exciting opportunity for those who are keen on writing but have no idea how to write a good, compelling article. I wish you luck!

The benefits of an internship there

Myntra India is a growing e-commerce store in India. They have recently started their internship program for freshers. The internship will help you to start your career in the real practice of your classroom learning.

If you are interested to apply for Myntra1 Internship, please send your CV and a brief 1-2 paragraph about yourself to . We will be reaching out to them soon starting from the end of June.