Will Star Wars Vintage Collection Survive the Recession?

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The Star Wars Vintage Collection is a special subculture made up of fans who collect vintage Star Wars merchandise. The movement started in the mid 1990s when collectors began purchasing and selling items ranging from original toys, posters, vinyl records, clothing, music albums and DVDs. Since then it has grown to include a small but dedicated group of devotees who collect and trade vintage memorabilia from the film series.

Whether you are a collector or just an enthusiast, you can learn more about Star Wars Vintage Collection here.

Therefore I am here to provide you with some information about this wonderful industry by sharing my experience as a collector of Star Wars Vintage Collection.

This blogpost is going to be about the best way for you to get the most out of your collection so that you can make your collection more valuable than any other one!

Here is what I’m going to share with you:

  1. It’s not just about collecting vintage Star Wars stuff…
  2. It’s not exclusive: You can buy anything related to Star Wars without being restricted by brand or size!
  3. It’s not hard at all… You don’t need to know anything – You can start now!

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The following post contains spoilers . So if you haven’t seen the movie yet, don’t read on!

What is Star Wars Vintage Collection?

The Star Wars Vintage Collection is a growing subgenre of licensed collectibles that features vintage-style merchandise based on popular characters from the Star Wars universe.

The new collection came into being when the Lucasfilm Ltd. toy and game company was purchased by The Walt Disney Company in early 2012. In late 2012, Disney announced that they would be creating their own line of toys and games based on film properties such as The Force Awakens, Rogue One, and The Last Jedi, which itself was a sequel to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

In late 2017, it was revealed that Disney would create another subgenre of collectibles based on their own films (Star Wars: Episode IX) and their library of animated films (Avatar), all while continuing to use characters from other properties such as Marvel Comics’ Iron Man or DC Comics’ Superman.

The number of licensed characters has grown dramatically since the first wave of licensed merchandise in 1997, when all but a single item were produced by Hasbro. Today there are over 100 licensed brands available including Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line; Kenner’s Star Wars action figures; Lego’s Star Wars sets; NECA’s Star Wars Collectibles; and Valient Games’ Gizmo’s and Matoran Union series.

Why Start Collecting Star Wars Vintage?

One of the most popular collectible items is the original trilogy of Star Wars. Since 2005, people have been clamoring to acquire all things related to George Lucas’ beloved creation.

There are hundreds of thousands of fans around the world who have a passion for Star Wars and will do anything to own a piece of it. A few years ago, collectors began to buy and sell their property in a frenzy as demand skyrocketed among consumers.

Then came eBay. The online auction site is no longer just for collecting antique furniture and antiques — it has become an outlet for buying and selling everything from vintage clothing to rare history books and vinyl records.

Recently, an entrepreneur named Richard Jameson decided he wanted to drape himself in the legacy that started with George Lucas’ original trilogy. Mr Jameson came up with the idea for an “Original Trilogy-inspired” collection that would appeal to fans who love Star Wars but don’t necessarily want something expensive or rare — or have just seen it all before in one form or another.

Mr Jameson, who runs his own company called Collectibles by Richard Jameson and co-founded Shenandoah Trading Company, decided he wanted to go out on a limb with his own brand of collectibles, which he says will be more affordable than the more expensive originals, but are still meticulously produced by hand.

Mr Jameson says his new line was inspired by his work experience with Star Wars — specifically how he was inspired by seeing how much effort was put into manufacturing each collectible in close proximity of its inspiration. He said: “I had gotten very involved after witnessing all these intricate details put into making each item so I decided I should try my hand at some Star Wars stuff myself — which is why we have created our own Original Trilogy-inspired line for collectors.”

“I didn’t want something that looked like something else because I thought it would be better if people could recognize one piece’s authenticity,” Mr Jameson said during an interview from Shenandoah Trading Company’s headquarters in North Carolina earlier this year. “My goal was not just to use actual items but also make them look authentically as if they were actually made from actual pieces (which is what everyone else does).”

How to Start Collecting Star Wars Vintage?

“Star Wars Vintage” is a highly popular theme in the current market of collectible products. When it comes to collectibles, Star Wars was one of the most popular franchises worldwide. The existence of such a trend started back in the 70s and 80s when many fans started collecting rare items from their favorite movies. Well, the trend still continues today. A lot of celebrities are fascinated with Star Wars and love to share their passion for this franchise with their fans by wearing authentic Star Wars outfits or costumes. Star Wars vintage has become so popular that it is already in vogue among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike.

It is even said that many fashion designers have been inspired by the amazing collections of pop stars who wear vintage Star Wars costumes and make up to emulate them.

But how can you get started collecting Star Wars vintage? Are there any specific things you need to keep in mind when buying a vintage item? Is this a hobby you can indulge into? Do you need help with purchasing something? Do you want an expert opinion on what exactly should be included for your collection? Are there any other factors to take into account when looking for something that suits your taste?

One thing is for sure: You can’t just pick up some random piece of clothing from any store and call yourself a collector! You need to browse through hundreds of items before settling on anything at all. This way, you are guaranteed to find something that will fit your style or personality perfectly! And then there are also certain items that have been reproduced based on different characters’ appearances, which is considered “vintage.” But don’t worry; there’s no such thing as too much variety!

Why Start Collecting Star Wars Vintage
Why Start Collecting Star Wars Vintage

A Brief Guide to Star Wars Vintage Figures

The rise of the vintage figure was a surprise to many. The idea of collecting vintage figures was relatively unheard of in the world of modern toys and collectibles. But as technology has evolved, so too has the demand for old star wars figures.

Budgets are tight, so collectors have turned to other toys to stretch their dollars. While most would agree that space is vast, there are some rare figures who are not found in any other toy line — or at least not identical to any other figure.
And while vintage figures were once custom made for collectors, they often come with an eye-watering price tag because there is a large amount of labor involved in hand-crafting them.

The Vintage Collection industry itself is still relatively new; making it difficult for people outside the collecting community to know much about it. The first references came from news outlets like Kotaku and Wired mentioning both the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens film and the new collector’s edition comic book series that would feature a collection of characters from the franchise’s original trilogy, specifically focusing on Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Chewbacca.

The first official reference came from The New York Times , which followed up with yet another article titled “Star Wars Collectibles To Be Available Soon” . The piece sought to break down how much money was being spent on these products and how this trending phenomenon could potentially hold great value as time goes on (and especially after an anticipated release date that has been revealed).

The popularity of this niche market quickly caught the attention of Hollywood — which was then reportedly able to get distaste for its fan base by creating a movie based on one collector’s collection (a movie which doesn’t feature any actual vintage character). This resulted in thousands upon thousands of dollars being spent on t-shirts featuring characters from this franchise which can be sold today if you aren’t fortunate enough to own one.

Nowadays you can find many different types of Star Wars collectibles ranging from posters that depict iconic scenes like Darth Vader rounding up Stormtroopers or Luke Skywalker coming face-to-face with Boba Fett during his Mandalorian assault (both available at Target stores). There are also books and comics featuring characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Han Solo fighting over Chewbacca while discussing strategy before going head-to-head against one another (available at Barnes & Noble). Lucasfilm initially only released limited.

Tips When Starting to Collect the Star Wars Collection

The vintage collection industry is on the rise. The demand for collectibles has never been so high, and it’s no different in 2017 than it was in the 60s. The question that many collectors are still asking themselves is, what are the best ways to get started?

There are a few key factors that will help you determine your future collectible collection. First, you have to understand what makes every collectible unique. Each of these items has its own history; each one had a specific market value at certain points in time; each one is a piece of a larger puzzle. That’s why it’s important to know what makes an item valuable and unique.

That’s also why it’s important to follow all the steps when starting out collecting:

  1. Know and understand the value of each collectible item you intend to purchase
  2. Find out if there is already a market for the collectible you want to purchase
  3. Determine how much you need or want to spend on your first buy
  4. Research marketing techniques and pricing strategies
  5. Look at websites dedicated to collectors and state collectors associations


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