Marriage card format for wedding invitation – In Word & PDF

What is marriage card format?

Here are the wedding invitation formats that you can use in Hindi, English, Punjabi and Devanagari.

Hindi Wedding Invitation Card

You might need to ask for a separate language for your wedding invitation cards.

In this example we are using Hindi shadi card format for Shashi. This marriage card can be used to send out invitations to any nationalities.

English Wedding Invitation Card

This one is a common wedding invitation form in the market.

In this example, we are using English shadi card format for Sonali. You can share this with your college friends, life events valuable personals and many more.

Punjabi Wedding Invitation Card

In this example we are using Punjabi shadi card format to Arjik.

Devanagari Wedding Card

In this example, we are using Devanagari shadi card format for Janak. This marriage card can be used to send out invitations to any nationalities on Whatsapp, Facebook, Personal Mails, Official mails and others too.

Shashi, Radhakant Colony, Vijaywada Nagar, Chandrakant Gali
Shashi, Radhakant Colony, Vijaywada Nagar, Chandrakant Gali as marriage card format

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How to design your card and what to write in it?

Marriage cards are not just for the special occations. They are meant to be a way to express the emotions of your guests and wish them a very happy married life.

Inviting your guests at your wedding with marriage card format is something they will remember forever. The best part is that it’s an easy task to do and it can be done in an hour or two at most. It doesn’t require any technical skills and you don’t need any special paper or printing equipment.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Write down all the details like date, time, place and all other important information. From which bride you are inviting her to the groom on a piece of paper, notepaper or something else like that.
  2. Take some photographs of your guests, either from different angles or using your camera phone by taking pictures with one hand. While you write down their info in another hand and then put them into a folder (or on your computer).
  3. Ask for the bride’s contact details in advance, so that you can directly reach her (in case she lives far away). If she lives nearby, ask her to call you on Skype so that you can talk face-to-face. Otherwise, take a picture of both of you and get in touch with her through Skype/FaceTime/Whatsapp etc., and she will know who to reach out to directly.
  4. Ask for the groom’s contact details too so that you can directly reach him (in case he lives far away). If he lives nearby, ask him to call you on Skype so that you can talk face-to-face. Otherwise, take a picture of both of you and get in touch with him through Skype/FaceTime/Whatsapp etc., and he will know who to reach out to directly too .

You can also download their contact details from their profiles if they have sent it there by mistake but I would advise against this as it is not recommended practice.

Because the information may be fake. You might get scammed by someone pretending to be them. You might get connected with an escort service where they offer escorts for money. Or worse yet make really embarrassing requests from them or embarrass yourself in front of them!

Vikram & Rajani Stapleton Wedding Recption Invitation Card Format
Vikram & Rajani Stapleton Wedding Recption Invitation Card Format

Create your own wedding invitation cards in minutes

This is a great way to get married without having to go through the hassle of wedding planning. You can create your own wedding invitation cards in minutes and send them as such to your guests in a range of languages.

If you want to use wedding invitation cards, there are many card formats that you can use for your wedding invitation cards. And there are different types, like Shaddi card format, Shaddi card letter, Shaddi letter format etc.

You can also convert any letter into any other kind of card format and send it on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.

However, if you have limited time or budget for such things it would be better for you if you hire someone and do such work for you. But if you have time and money for it then this is a great way to do it without having to pay an extra fee or waste much time doing the work yourself!

How to design your card and what to write in it - Infogrpahic photo
How to design your card and what to write in it? – Infogrpahic photo

What are the different type of marriage card formats used in India and elsewhere?

In India, most wedding cards are made in traditional paper format, which is called Shaddi. Wedding cards are often used to invite guests at your wedding. Shaddi is a traditional Indian paper card used for wedding invitations and many other occasions. It can be printed in any language or in English as well.

However, there are also a large number of types of marriage card formats available in the market. A few are as follows:

  1. Shaddi Cards
  2. Wedding Invitation Card
  3. Engagement Card
  4. Engagement Card with Recommendation Letter
  5. Wedding Invitation – Engagement Card

How to attach wedding invitation card format with invitation card?

Sometimes, you might be asked to send your guest a wedding invitation. Wedding invitations are often the most important part of any invitation suite, and the most expensive. They can be the only thing that people will pay attention to when they receive your invitation. So, it is important that they are of a high quality, clear and easy to understand.

But not everyone wants to send an expensive invitation suite. For those who don’t want to spend money on designing an elaborate invitation suite, there’s a simpler way out. You can make your own wedding card using a simple design template which has been created by making use of free wedding card formats templates:

Simple Wedding Card Template as below

The above template is great for people who don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on their wedding card. Get this template here.

This template is great for people who don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on their wedding card. It is also useful for those who don’t want their invitation card to look cheap or not professional enough. So, as not to be seen as cheap and tacky by guests/potential guests. Who might have different taste than you do in matters such as style, design etc.

But at the same time there are no restrictions on what you can do with it unlike some other templates. Which might restrict you in using some of its features which you might need or even know about. Beforehand if you are planning something more elaborate like a full wedding suite design etc.

So, this template is perfect for both casual conversation piece invites as well as formal invitations suites. However it is best suited for couples since it has room for couple’s information such as names, ages etc. It works great with double sided cards too! This template also works well with invitations like RSVP envelopes and thank you cards too!

Here’s how we made our own free wedding card!

Religion Hindu wedding invitation wordings

We are writing a wedding invitation to my (now) fiancé. One of the things that struck me was the vast difference between the wedding invitation wording in English and Indian languages.

For example, I could have used “I Do” in Hindi, but it would have to be written in the same font as “Shaddi” and thus look like an awful mess. I wrote this article so that you can use marriage card format for your wedding invitations, as there are quite a lot of differences and it is quite easy to mix things up without knowing why you are doing it (or why does it work).

The arrangement with which we serve our guests at our wedding is not about religion. We want those invited at our wedding to be happy and feel welcome, just like any other guest.

For the purpose of this article, we will be using marriage card style format for both English and Hindi wedding invitations.

First thing first: what is marriage card format?

Marriage card format means that you can have a single page of your invitation in an A4 size paper and all you need to do is write one line at a time on each line. The main idea is that if someone.

Who has invited you wants to get a copy of your wedding invite.

They should type their name into their phone or tablet or computer’s address book and then click on “Get Invite” (for example), which will open up your invitation on their device directly.

If they click on “Get Invite” again after typing their name into their address book they will still get your invite but they will also get a new invite from your friend’s phone or tablet or computer’s address book – although as we explained above. This doesn’t quite make sense if someone has typed in their name twice!

Sonal & Annoop Banquet wedding invitation cards in minutes
Download Sonal & Annoop Banquet wedding invitation cards in minutes

So how does one do it? It’s really easy! Here’s how:

  1. First of all, let us look at how an ordinary text message looks like:
  2. Then once you send the text message, wait for 30 seconds:
  3. Once 30 seconds pass, send another text message saying something like “Hello! I am back again!”:
  4. Then wait for another 30 seconds before sending another text message saying something like “Hearing anything?”:
  5. And so on until all people who have sent text messages have received birthday greetings from you! We hope this works well for everyone

Templates and designs

Wedding invitation is the most important invitation in your life. It has to be designed in such a way that your guests will like it and they will also feel comfortable introducing their friends to you.

Your guests have different intentions when they are inviting you to celebrate their special day with them. You can give them many reasons why you should attend their wedding. One of the best reasons is that some of them may be making a special effort for your wedding too, which means that the whole gathering will feel more special for them.

Here are some guidelines for designing your wedding invitation:

Use nice fonts , shapes and images in your invitations . The font must be clear enough so that people can read what it says without any difficulty , while using nice shapes and images makes people feel more comfortable seeing what they are supposed to see while they’re looking at it .

This is because there is no point in having an invitation if anyone can’t tell what its purpose is without seeing who is inviting whom . If someone doesn’t know what to expect from an invite, then he or she might just not come and spend time with you on your special day, which could be bad news for both parties involved (your guests might not want to wait for nothing).

Have some basic information about the event as well as information about yourself on the front side of your invite card , which people will find useful when looking at them .

Every person has his or her own unique style when it comes to personalizing their invites but most of us want our invites personalized enough so we don’t forget everything we need during our special day (or sometimes we just don’t feel like doing all those extra things). So if someone ends up remembering something important from his or her invite.

Customize your invitation cards

Soon you will be celebrating with your partner and now you are trying to invite your guests at the wedding. To make it memorable, you can customise wedding invitation cards in different designs and languages so that you can impress everyone.

The following sample wedding invitation cards are available:

Indian wedding cards vs USA/UK wedding card

Nowadays people are looking for Indian wedding cards and UK wedding cards. We have also added Shaddi Wedding Cards in our store.

When you become a bridesmaid or groomsman, you will probably tend to use a different format for the invitation than your sister. However, there is a standard way of creating an invitation for the brides and grooms:

Shaddi Wedding card’s format is called Shaddi Cards . It’s very simple and easy to follow. To order wedding cards from us:

  1. Copy your Shaddi Card on any blank paper (the size of A4 paper)
  2. Cut out the shape of each card at right angles with scissors in one go (without ripping the edges)
  3. You will get 4 separate cards (one for each bridesmaid/groomsmen). These are then glued together to make one single card.

These four cards can be used as the invitation. If you want to invite only the bride or groom, then they would be glued together in two separate pairs so that they are not seen as two separate invitations. Please note that if you want to invite both brides and grooms then please select only ONE of them from ‘Invite Both Brides & Grooms’.

For other types of wedding invitations, please click here.

Formats in Word, Doc PDF & Online

For a long time, I’ve been working on a small project to update the Shaddi card format in Word. It was an embarrassing process to learn, but I think it has paid off. It’s not that much different from the current format, but there is one small change: instead of having a font like “Humanist Sans Regular” on the front, we have an “aero-script font” instead as it is more readable and easier on the eyes.

The main benefit of this format is that you can add different fonts for different languages, and that you can use any font for any language you prefer at all times. You can also use any standard font with italics (like Helvetica) if need be.
In the examples below, we used Helvetica as our font:

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