Ramesh Bawa Arrested The Former MD and CEO of IL&FS

This is the latest & current news that the former MD and CEO Ramesh Bawa arrested in Mumbai.

The ministry of Corporation affair MCA has been declared that Ramesh Bawa and that’s why the investigation is in the process.

As per the news and sources, ramesh bawa was arrested last night in Delhi from their own farm house.

Supreme Court recently denied to extend the relief. The skit was happened and the Supreme Court has been given the order to arrest Baba regarding under the section of 447.

This was the case against the fraud and mislead towards the common people of India.

The fraud was related with around 74 crore rupees of purchase of individual acids from the company.

Without any information Ramesh head purchase more than hundred rupees of real estate property the cash from the company.

The total valuation of the company was 19000 crore rupees from that hundred rupees was left from the account due to error of Ramesh signature.

Ramesh Bawa Arrested in fraud case image
Ramesh Bawa Arrested in fraud case image

How much money in this fraud case of Ramesh Bawa?

After that night Ramesh was founded has more than 150 crore rupees into the bank of India.

The case is happening from 2017 to till now. Find the word it has been cleared and supreme Court has bean given the order to arrest him.

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