When the Loki series will come first season ?

What is happening in Avengers Endgame Movie super heroes image in trailer
What is happening in Loki Series in season 1 Movie super heroes image in trailer

Now, it’s officially announced that Loki series is the most popular and watch series of hotstar and Disney.

Loki series 1 has gone but they had got too many worship and attraction of the people of super comics love. Superhero audiences are loving this particular series to much in compared to other Marvel series as the Falcon and Winter Soldier, Wanda vision and so many others Marvel movie like Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Iron Man 4 and Avenger endgame, Avenger the Infinity war.

These are so many powerful and attractive action movies of Marvel cinema but however marvelous Loki had got the huge audiences and eye-catching storyline.

What is the basic story of Loki series 1 ?

Look is a character who is always bluffing with the other characters of superhero. He is a kind of main villain of superheroes movie like Avenger endgame Infinity war Iron Man and other movies there in Hulk and Hulk 2.

he is always talking and trying to manipulate the mind of other. Is conversation skills to work and he is trying to underestimate their own power and trying to make them others powerful to feel but actually he is more powerful and he can two lots of superhero activities in their own.

Many superhero lovers are thinking that he is a kind of supervillain but actually sometimes he is making their own identity and a kind of superhero.

Loki series 1 is a started from the beginning of the end of Avengers movie. When Avengers caught looking at Avengers tower and they are trying to Centre them to the asgardians.

But at the meantime somehow Loki had got the tesseract and then he vanished from that place. So that’s why he had manipulated the timeline and this balance the flow of time.

What is TVA?

TVA is called as time variant authorities. It means whenever anybody is trying to manipulate or miss the timeline then time variant authorities is getting them and trying to reset that particular timeline to accelerate the time. So things to be happened that was written by timekeepers.

Saudi Arab cutting everyone who is making some errors that one college vacant so for example if any person is misleading the timeline from anywhere that is not required then they will cut them and take back to the TVA. Thevar resetting the timeline and making sure that things take that can be happen that is required.

What is the crime of Loki in the season 1

Loki is the person who is the main hero and villain character of the Spartacus series.

the complete inter story is based on variants of loki. It means there are lots of different variants of Loki that are doing multiple activities in different timelines and they were caught at void.

How Loki series comes at end?

There is a very beautiful and of the Loki series when he is loving by their own a female variant.

Male loki and female loki got a beautiful kiss. But as usual bluff is the nature of loki. So that was expected by female Loki version.

She has satisfied their own issues with can the Conqueror and initiated a new multiverse timeline war.

Who is the main villain of Loki series 1 ?

Kang the Conqueror is the main villain known as he who remains.

Can the Conqueror is the main villain of The Loki series 1 because he is the creator of the timeline and making each and everything at the same place where everything can be happen towards their own perspective and goal.

What after doing this from last several millions of years he is little bit tired and not happy as per the variant of can the Conqueror .

So that’s why he had offer the share of their own to loki variants but they had not accepted. However Mein loki verient who had caught at Avengers Towers understand that the situation and trying to protect the current version of can the Conqueror.

But selfie who is the female variant of Loki had not accepted this. Under the current variant of can the Conqueror and started a multiverse it means multiple Universe war situation Because lot of branches of time line has been created and multiple scenario of the life is the beginning at the end.

What is the meaning of multiverse War ?

Multiverse means multi universal activities into the timeline. It means a lots of variant of a person in different different timeline.

Shuddh things will happen however we are thinking that a person is a superhero they must be into the upcoming Marvel movie as a super villain might be because everybody have their own two different variants someone is good someone is bad.

So because of this Super Heroes are trying to save and protect for a cause to humanity and some other planets.

But by Creating multiple Universal activity on multiple Universe it might be happen that there will be a one reason of any stronger one to create and grab all the power at one place so that’s why the war will begin and that’s why this is called as multi Universe war and this thing will come into the upcoming picture of of Dr Strange multiple Universal war movie.

What is the upcoming movie of Marvel ?

After this Loki series 1 finished there are lots of movie into the queue of Marvel but definitely Loki series to will come soon and production will start from january 22.

Ant man and the quantum area is the next movie that will be used on the Ken the Conqueror multi universal war and this will define what is can the concurrent what the power he have.

Immediately after that Doctor Strange multiverse salwar movie will come into the theatres or TT platform. This is the most awaited movie of Doctor Strange because Doctor Strange will be the next Superhuman and the most powerful character of the MCU movies.

what was dr.strange final plan before death in avengers movie endgame poster
what was dr. strange final plan before death in avengers movie endgame poster