The Working-Class Sitcom Strikes Back and Loses its Myriad Values

The Working-Class Sitcom Strikes Back is a new crop of absurd comedies that turn their nose up at the fantasy of upward mobility. These movies are about people who are stuck in minimum-wage jobs, and they want nothing to do with them. Theyinstead enjoy active lifestyles, good food, and a healthy sense of humor. The Working-Class Sitcom Strike Back is a refreshing change from the norm, and it can help get people rethinking the way they think about life.

Fantasy of upward mobility

Craig Robinson, the bank security guard in Killing It, is a man of belief. The character’s father, who died interrupting a burglary, instilled in him the tenets of meritocracy and its rewards. If he only works hard enough at his dream of opening a saw-palmetto-berry farm that supplies pharmaceutical companies with fruit, he will be successful. This belief has paid off for Craig as he has been able to provide essential services to businesses and people in his community for over 10 years now.