IRCTC Server Details I Definitely, You Don’t Know About These 5

This is an article about IRCTC server details and how the Indian Railways‘ computerized reservation system is called IRCTC, and you can use it to book all your rail travel-whether it’s a one-way trip or a full itinerary.

There are several ways to login, and most of them involve registering with a website or a smartphone app. We’ll take a look at the most popular options in detail so that you can find the best way for you.

About IRCTC Server Details – How It Works?

CRIS is a division of the Indian Railways that is responsible for passenger reservation and ticketing activities. You can book tickets with the help of IRCTC server.

CRIS developed a system for passengers reservation. This system is called as Indian Railways reservation System or IRCTC. You can book your train tickets with this system. On an average everyday around ~10,00,000 tickets are booked on the Indian Railways reservation System.

Indian railways system have 5 Data centers, where each Data center have 1 server. One or more servers are configured in cluster to make High available (HA) for increasing availability.

All 5 server clusters are load balanced by using software load balancer which is also hosted in data center. Some time 1 to 2 server goes down than automatically balance the traffic on remaining Data center servers and to achieve this we use Big IP LTM hardware for Hardware load balancing instead of Software Load Balancing.

How Many PRS Available?

PRS is available in many languages. It is in 9 languages. Now, the PRS is available in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu , Kannada and Malayalam. PRS is managing over ~9,000 ticket counters across India.

It’s a Country-wide Network of Computerized Enhanced Reservation and Ticketing.

How Many Online Ticketing Available?

Ticket booking over the internet is available for all trains except a few premium trains. These are Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto Express.

You can book your train tickets through online process with the help of Indian railways server or irctc server.

Who is CRIS?

Centre for Railway information services (CRIS) is one India’s most popular websites. The site provides reservation services for Indian railways and India Tourism, while promoting ticketless travel to counter the rise in refund cases.

The website also helps you book restaurants at stations, order meals on trains and get free updates about running status of your train on your phone.

How is IRCTC able to store so much data?

The server which is used by Indian Railways’ computerized reservation system called IRCTC has a massive storage capacity. It stores details of thousands of transactions every day.

It even possesses the capability to store images, which are acquired from the site within minutes The system enables rapid access to required information, that too without crashing or slowing down.

It generate 35% of Indian e-commerce market, and makes around Rs. 5 crores every day (Rs. 2,500 crores a year) through ticket booking alone.

Can IRCTC Improve e-ticketing Operations?

One of the most important benefits that will be expanded is online payment. While you can book your rail tickets online, you can’t pay for them over the internet right now.

Operating these systems in cloud would also mean faster processing, since they would be decoupled from one another. So while one system may not be able to handle a sudden increase in traffic, the rest of the cloud would be able to handle it.

How many payment options Is There?

There are many payment options on irctc server or you can say that there is almost all type of payment available like Debit cards, Credit cards, Internet banking, E-wallets, UPI apps, Cash cards & NEFT.

Booking System

IRCTC is the Indian Railways’ internet-based reservation system which was introduced to make it easier for passengers to book tickets. It’s available in several languages and has a number of features, such as taking print-at-home e-tickets or cancelling/modifying reservations.

The best part about IRCTC is that it’s available 24/7 and 365 days a year, so even if you miss the occasional deadline to book an e-ticket, you can log in at your convenience and make the booking (usually with a small fee).