What is the use of TCS 60 Lakh Square Feet Construction When 95% will Work in Work From Home Environment?

TCS experiment while COVID -19 in March, Work From Home Environment successfully implemented and running.

TCS has announced that by 2025 it will be able to employ 90% of its employees in a work from home environment. Was confirmed by TCS Chief Financial Officer a few months back.

In this way, this question arises, if you want to do the work from home progress then what was the need of 60 lakh square feet?

What is the need for TCS to build a new building even after the office is closed?

TCS told that in the coming time 25% of the employees will be run back to office. On this, operations head said that those who do not want to work from home environment can also come to the office, but in this they will not need to schedule any kind of fixed time duration to spend in office.

If one wants to spend time with office environment or change his actual situation then he can experience both types of hybrid environment.

Due to this people do not feel comfortable condition in work from home, they feel more freedom to work in physical location or internet connectivity is auspicious otherwise or any kind of help of human resource If needed, he does not have time to spend time in WFH, he can come according to his time.

Positive aspects of bringing hybrid work from home environment

All kinds of people feel more chill when working in the same type of system, due to which they are eagerly calling their research and development team to work in the new building.

If any type of arrangement with the partner, such as if the employee wants to come on his own, he can come and change his environment.

According to Tata Consultancy Service, what is most important is to pay more attention to their employees so that their client relationship and their revenue growth is maximum.

Tata has taken such a step for quality and its identity and has taken the biggest step, he has already given permission for almost 90% of his employees to work-from-home, which is a very big assistant to the workers.

Following this by other MNC companies are also taking such steps in which Google India itself has allowed work from home in the moment till July 2021 in the period of Poorna.