What is Travellers Cheque? (American Express FAQ)

The travellers cheque is a specific fixed amount and per-printed cheque that only one person can use around the world (all countries).

How to get travellers cheque and who can use?

These are bank cheque and issued by bank on special request while traveling across countries. These are guarantee of payment to the person in case of any special case.

Allowed person can use this traveling cheque to withdraw the money. Still there are many different rules are applied as below:

Rules to withdrawal of the cheque:

  • Use only once to withdrawal
  • Requested bank have to deliver the money withing 18 hours duration required. This is priority based bank cheque.
  • User will have to withdrawal all the money at once.
  • Banking charges are applied at both of the side (issuer bank and with-drawer bank).
  • Customer can take the money in CASH only at their desire currency at once.

American express travel cheques exchange locations

If you are looking to purchase travelers cheques then around 1000+ different locations in almost every country where you can find these cheques while traveling or urgency.

You can use the services at banks, credit unions and all American express traveling offices.

Our experts told that the fees of different location are vary according to currency and local government charges. There are few location where maximum withdrawal limit is fixed with restrictions.

Why you have to know about travellers cheque meaning

These are emergency cheques that will help you in worst case scenario. These travel cheque will give you quick help when you are alone or in trouble.

You money will help you to boost the travel experience. Hope this article helps!!

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