The total rewards and benefit of Accenture is working

Accenture is offering our employees a total reward each and every quarter.

It includes package compensation there variable and the percentage of increment.

To track and get the dashboard of it that’s why they have created a portal called as

This portal helps Accenture employees to track their compensation and valuables bonus each and every month.

Does Accenture give bonuses?

This is a very common question asked by Accenture employees and the truth is they are giving bonuses. But the form of variable.

What will be the average variable percentage of Accenture?

This is the second highest trolled question by the Accenture employees. There are lots of discrepancy in between employees to employees for the variable.

Everybody is working on the same platform for Accenture clients that’s why every employee is looking for the same variable.

Difference between essential rewards system variable bonuses. Favorite employees are getting good variable bonus but few hard working employees are still not getting the expected variable as they are thinking.

All about the compensation plan and reward system Dashboard of is amazing and good to see and download anytime whatever you are getting as a compensation.