Top 10 Police Stations of Country 2021: Basantgarh (Udhampur)

Basantgarh is a police station of Basantgarh in Udhampur ranks among top 10 police stations of country. Basantgarh Police Station has jurisdiction over Basantgarh Tehsil, which is bordered by Pakistan on its north-west side. This Police station situated at the foot of the snow capped Pir Panjal Range which forms a natural boundary with Azad Kashmir and provides an effective barrier against infiltrators from across the border.

This PS is one of the most sensitive and critical areas in Jammu region, Basantgarh Police Station was created on 18 June 1990. This police station covers an area of 500 km with a population of 74000 persons living within its jurisdiction. In addition, Basantgarh has been considered to be a very sensitive and highly disturbed district due to the presence of infiltrators from across the border.

List of Top 10 Police Stations of Country 2021

The Indian government has started rewarding police stations who perform well with incentives. This is in an effort to increase the efficiency of these facilities and bring healthy competition among them, too!

The Top 10 Police Stations in the country for 2021 are: –

RankStateDistrictPolice Station
1DelhiNorth DistrictSadar Bazar Police Station
2OdishaGanjamGangapur Police Station
3HaryanaFatehabadBhattu Kalan Police Station
4GoaNorth GoaValpoi Police Station
5KarnatakaRaichurManvi Police Station
6LakshadweepLakshadweepKadmat Island Police Station
7MaharashtraSangliShirala Police Station
8Tamil NaduTiruchirappalliThottiyam Police Station
9Jammu and KashmirUdhampurBasantgarh Police Station
10BiharArwalRampur Chauram Police Station
Top Police Station Lists

According to a government source, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has released a list of the top 10 police stations in the country. The list is based on various parameters, including crime rate, number of murders solved, success in apprehensions among others.

Basantgarh Police Station in Udhampur is ranked among the top 10 Police Stations of India. It is situated at the foot of the snow-capped Pir Panjal Range which forms a natural boundary with Azad Kashmir and provides an effective barrier against infiltrators from across the border. Basantgarh ranks 9th in this list in terms of crime rate. Above all, Basantgarh was 16th last year but improved its ranking by two places.

Few Most Important Key Factors

About all, Police stations in the country with the lowest crime rate and at least six (6) marks in all categories and nineteen in any category were considered for the list. Ranked 16th last year, but improved its position by two ranks. Basantgarh police station has got the least number of murders, rape cases and kidnapping. Basantgarh is among the top ten in terms of theft, burglary, or stealing expensive items from home.

What Type of Incidents Happened?

Basantgarh police station in Udhampur ranks among top 10 police stations of the country. Basantgarh has guarded the over 15,000 square kilometers area which is the largest in Jammu and Kashmir ensuring that all the residents live a life of peace and harmony even in a hostile environment. The operation continues to be an uphill task but Basantgarh has always been successful in reigniting hope for better days ahead.

Basantgrah: The story needs to start with an incident that happened on September 16, 2011, when three terrorists opened fire at Basantgarh Sector-20 Panchayat Ghar, Basanti Chowk, and Basantgaon Panchayat Ghar killing two civilians and injuring two others. Basantgarh is also known for its bravery outside Basantgarh. It has played an important role in the release of five local girls who were abducted by militants at Tral, South Kashmir on 11 December 2016.

Basantgrah police had arrested one militant and rescued victims during this rescue operation that was carried out by Army’s 19 Rashtriya Rifles. Basantgrah police station also played a major role in the release of three abducted locals at the Thandapani forest area on April 27, 2016. Basantgarh is known for its hospitality and has always been responsive to any situation through which it served people all over Jammu & Kashmir.